End of 2005

Good afternoon;

Well here we are at the end of another year. Can't hardly believe 2005 has come and gone that quickly. If you have read some of my past post 2005 was not the greatest year for me and my family. Of course some would say it was a great year. Meaning that I did not die back in May.

Christmas turned out nice. The kids are happy and had a good Christmas considering. I sit here at work reminiscing about 2005 and other years. I catching myself thinking how lucky I really am, I have a beautiful wife and wonderful kids. For the most part everyone is healthy and we all love each other. I have seen my other daughter and hope to stay in touch with her after all these years.

I hope 2006 is a good year and I hope the family and myself stay healthy and out of the hospital. I am currently down to 248 pounds from 359 in May. I really need to get to the gym and start working out and stay at the gym. I need to be consistent and try to not wavering one week to another.

I bought a new digital camera and want to take more pictures of the family and my surroundings. Then post a few on my blog and who knows start a discussion group about photography. I have a lot to learn and look forward to it. I really want to get good at it so I can take pictures of my Dad's pools that he builds. He does fabulous work and needs to be document for future memories.

I find myself thinking about Mom a lot lately (passed away a few years ago). I sure miss her and wish she was with us today to be with the kids. She sure loved Brandon and I bet would have just fallen all over Adriana. If your out there Mom, I love you and miss you.

I guess I better go and look at the rain. It is pouring lakes out there it is amazing.

Happy New Year everyone be safe.


Christmas Party

Tonight is the Christmas Party for CH, oh excuse me Holiday Party. Kind of taken back when I went in to get a nice button up shirt to wear to the party. I was looking forward to being able to get any color I wanted since I lost so much weight. Well I was informed I still needed a size 20" neck shirt. Okay fine show me the way, well there were 4 basic color shirts I had to chose from I was not happy about this. I have lost over 100 pounds and a ton of it in my neck and upper body but I still have a size 20 neck. Ouch, I guess my neck was pretty large before cause I have lost a lot of it so far.

I was able to get a nice leather jacket to accompany my outfit that was 2x which is a far cry from a 5x. Well anyways wanted to write down some of what I was thinking today.

Take care and hope all have a good weekend.


WLS Update

Well today is a milestone for my weight loss. I am offically down 100 pounds since becoming sick May 2005.

Down 66 pounds since my WLS surgery.




I sure was not looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. I did fine, it was nice seeing family and having time to talk to them.

Due to my surgery I was not able to eat a lot which is okay. I feed the baby and keep tabs of her so it all worked out.

Just wanted to give a quick update on Thanksgiving.




What an afternoon it was. We went to the movies to see Harry Potter and the goblet of fire I give it 6 stars it was great.

While we were waiting I thought I saw Sandy the mother of my oldest daughter Kelsey. I told Tammy and she said that is funny I thought I saw Kelsey.

Well during the movie the baby was fussing and Tammy had to take her out of the movie and into the hall. There she saw Kelsey waiting in the hall for our movie to get out. Tammy and her talked for a while and she got to see her sister Adriana.

After the movie when I came out I saw Kelsey and we started to talk. I wanted to give her a hug but did not know if that was okay. So we talked for a while and then went outside were we met up with Sandy her mom and Bo her brother. We all talked for a little bit and I gave Kelsey a card with our phone numbers on it.

It was great to see here I have not seen her in probably 10 years. I thought about her often and wondered where she was and what she was doing and how school was. She is 16 now and driving, WOW, driving. She is beautiful and growing up to be a rather nice women.

I am a nervous wreck wondering if she will call or want to get to know me. I hope she will want to see us again and get to know her siblings.

Hope for the best for us.




Works been going good. Made a trip to Reno, NV to deliver a plotter and set it up. Spent 2 days working with the 5 people in that office.

As of last Tuesday I weighted in at 266. When I hit 259 I will have lost 100 pounds since my heart problems in May. That will be quite an acomplishment.

Working out, I still do 20 minutes on the treadmill. An then work out my chest and stomach. Then I get an aqua message that caps the workout rather nicely.

Thanksgiving is coming up and I am not looking forward to it at all. I hope it will all be about the friendship and the talking and not about my surgery. We will see how it goes, this will be the first year I will not eat 2 or more plates full. I will be lucky to get down a small plate.

Been spending time with my son on his Yugioh card obsestion. Well I like the fact that he is collecting something. We went down and bought him the Yugi Evolution Starter Deck. This deck had Dark Magician and he says that is the coolest. Now he need Dark Magician Girl that will make it complete. He really wants the Egyptian God cards but I found that these are rare and very expensive. Three of them can cost in excess of $150, yes for only three of them.

Baby is walking everywhere and into everything. She is growing up so fast it is crazy. Brittany is a teen looking for a boyfriend or at least checking them out.

Tammy is doing great I am so lucky to have her as my wife. She is working hard on losing weight. She is working out hard and eating right. Her Pampered Chef business is still going okay a little slow right now but she is doing great. I am so proud of her.

Oh yea almost forgot. Went and had an EchoGram done and my ejection fraction is approx 25-28% that is doubled what it was in May. Not out of the wood work yet but doing better.

Better go for now, take care and sleep tight.


Traveled to SAC

Been a few days and since I traveled thought I would write about it. I made a trip to Sacramento to attend a CAD Users luncheon with my supervisor Joe. The meeting was fine no big deal, the office down there keeps pretty quite.

I was able to see my Aunt while down there and she gave me a tour of all the remodel work she has been doing. The office look great, she has done an outstanding job.

We then went to a sub consultants office to discuss issues with there drawings. This was a acrhitect firm and of course they had a nice building. Got a tour of the place and talked about the different technology they used. They do a lot of VB writing which sure helps the users.

So that was the trip to SAC.

I will probably not write everyday as for the most part my life is boring. I go to work and go home that is it. I will update when there are good changes to write about.



I weigh every Tuesday and today my weight was 268.2 pounds. Still losing and still feeling good for the most part.

I had a bad weekend, I ate to much dairy (which was not a lot) and boy did I pay for that. Then on Sunday I ate to much to fast. Actually I think it was the fact that the juice from my meat mixed with the rice and bloated me. I commenced to throw up for about 10 minutes. Was not fun or nice.

That is the latest updated on my weight loss.


Talk with Brandon Teacher

Good morning:

Had quite a talk with Brandon teacher today. Apparently 6-8 girls were fighting over Brandon yesterday. I guess Brandon has a few girls that like him a lot. Were talking about 3rd graders here. So the teacher wants us to have a talk with him about girls and how he should stay away from them.

So we have a stud muffin for a son and we need to tell him girls are bad. hummm....

Other than that the morning was uneventful and made it to work in one piece.

Had a good workout last night. I did cardio for 20 min and then did weights. I am working on my arms, chest, and stomach. Then had a nice aqua message afterwards. Last nights work out was a little tougher than the last few days not sure why. I made it through but really watching my heart rate. I am allowed to go 30 pts over my resting. My resting has been between 95-100. I take my heart rate up to about 115 but try not to go over that for to long of a period.

Have to go for now.


Navy Contacts

Almost forgot, I have been in contact with some old friend (not really old) from the days we served together in the US Navy in Misawa, Japan. Sure is nice to email back and forth with them.

I had better friends over there then I did when I was in High School. Great to be in contact again. The website to visit is http://misawa.blankenshipsales.com .



My wife Tammy at Burney Falls

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Brittany, Brandon, and Adriana

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Selecting Blogger and long over due update

Sorry it has been over a month or two since blogging. I have been busy getting back to work after my surgery.

I have been wanting the ability to blog and make it appear on my website. Finally after a couple of years have revisited www.Blogger.com and found that they have that option. So I have gathered all my old post and my post on spaces.msn.com and added to myblog site, which inturns uploads to my website www.blankenshipsales.com/blog/ .

I am doing good as of 11-1-05 I am weighing in at 271.6 which is down 53.9 pounds since surgery on 8-30-05.

I have been working out, doing cardio and lifting weights. I am starting slow and light and working my way up. I still have heart issues that I have to pay attention to.

I hope to do some heart test within the next couple of months to see if the weight loss is helping. I sure hope it is helping other wise I may have to get on the heart transplant list and I DO NOT want to do that.

Family is doing well Adriana is walking now, well sort of weaving.

Taken on a new roll at work. I am now doing regional support for California and Nevada. It has been quit challenging.

I will go for now I need to try and eat my 4-5 bites of protein for lunch.

Take care.


Russian Typhoon Submarine

Another great pic, this is a Russian Typhoon class submarine. The largest sub in the world. Pic does not do this beast justice, it is huge. Posted by Picasa

Russina Akula Submarine

Found this on the internet it is a Russian Akula fast attack submarine. sweet pic

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No release from the doctor...Bad day

Just bad...

Day started off wondering if my 2 inch incision was healing properly or not. During my shower today the other three stereo strips came off. The four lap holes are looking good. It is that darn belly button that had me worried.

The bad news, or is it? Spoke to my doctors office and they said the incision is healing just fine and this is all expected. Well they will not release me to go back to work next week. I was really looking forward to, she said that they have my best intrest in mind. I know they do, I just worry financially and I know I shouldn't everything will be fine. So if I am lucky I will return on the 10th of October after my 7th appointment.

I am doing good overall, I ate to much at dinner and was very, very uncomfortable for over 40 minutes. I guess I will slow down and chew, chew my food.

Take care


3 weeks post op


I weighed in at 295 today that was a nice sight. I have been doing good overall, I still fight the mind. My mind tells me to eat all the time and my body is not hungry. I recognize this and am so grateful I do. I will go drink some liquid and that helps get the mind off of food. Not for long but for a few minutes.

I am drinking a Protein drink in the morning. Then take meds and then go from there. I try not to eat until lunch if I can help it. However, I try to get something in my tummy.

One of my stereo strips came off yesterday, that was nice.

Take care


Good general day.

Rode with Dad

Today I got out of the house and rode with my Dad. It was a nice ride to Weaverville to get a pool permit. We had a chance to just talk about stuff.

I weighed in at 296.8 pounds today. I ate part of one scrambled egg for breakfast. I had a couple of pieces of jerky chunks for lunch. Then had left over taco dip that Brittany made. I made a protein drink this afternoon and it was not to bad, it was chocolate.

Spoke to Sharon with CPMC today and we discussed all sorts of things. Overall sounds like I am doing pretty good on my food and water. I need to try and get more protein in for the day. I should be averaging 60-80 grams a day.

Today is a great day, Barry Bonds is back in the line up for the SF Giants. Just watched Bonds hit a double (hit the top of the fence in center) on his first at bat since being out with and injury last September. Go GIANTS!

Take care


From this day forward I will be making normal entries. I will give a WLS updated every Tuesday. That will be on the week mark since surgery.

I weighed in at 297.2 this morning. I have been doing pretty good. I am eating fine (well small amounts) and drinking my water. I am trying to get my water in more then food.

Tammy is off to some Honey Bee Festival with Pampered Chef. I am so proud of her and what she is accomplishing in Pampered Chef. I am a little antsy in the pantsy right now. I am bored at home and ready to go back to work. Once my wounds heal I will think about going back. I am going to go ride with Dad tomorrow to get out and see how things go.

Take care for now.


10-days Post-Op

Good morning:

Sort of a disappointing morning. I weighed in at I was only 299.0 pounds. That is only a .6 loss, I guess I expect more. I have emailed Barb to ask her if this is normal. I was told normal average loss is about 1 pound a day. I guess this is pretty close just expected more.

Tammy, Adriana, and I went for a walk this morning. We went to the Sundial Bridge and walked for 30 minutes. It was very nice outside and was a beautiful walk. My back hearts a lot, but that will subside in a few weeks.

I feed the baby (Adriana) this morning and I enjoy doing that. Helped Tammy (wife) cut some vegies up for her bunko party tonight.

I am going to list some things I have been eating for future knowledge and/or recollection.

Egg salad
Tuna canned
Tuna fish
Seaseme Jerky (protein)
Crystal Light

I am up to 3 teaspoons before feeling overwhelmed.

My incisions are healing slowly but surely. Can not wait to be able to go swimming. Dad has finished his new pool and it is a work of art. See attached photos of the pool.

Well that is it for now, I will blog later.


9-days Post-Op

Good morning:

Have not written in a few days. I have been doing good overall. I had a couple of days of fatigue and was getting concerned. I am doing better now and am sipping my fluid, I am getting at least 1 liter in a day.

As of this morning I am down to 299.6 pounds. this is a total of 25.9 pounds. I have slowed to about 1 to 2 pounds a day. This is what the doctors wanted to happen about a pound a day.

I want to wait for my incisions to heal before going back to work. I may call Dad and see if he needs company for a day. Just to get out of the house and see how I do.

I have been living off of tuna, egg salad, and beef jerky. I am eating 3 teaspoon of food now, where before it was 1-2 teaspoons.

Well I will try to get back on my game of blogging more frequently.

Take care


5-days Post-Op

Good afternoon:

I woke up at 0300 this morning. Just was uncomfortable and could not sleep. Late morning I started feeling extremely fatigued and drained. I had to laydown for a couple of mintues to get my thoughts back.

I have done pretty well on my water today. We are at 1534 and I have just over a 1/2 liter down. I went with Tammy to the store and that wore me out, but we did get me some sugar free popsicles, man they hit the spot.

There real is no pain today, yet. Although I have noticed that I can sit my my chair easier and I can lay down easier. So on the remend and looking good so far.

I am kind of confused though. I weighed myself (per my cardiologist instructions) and yesterday I was 314 and today it says 306.6 really confusing. Of course this would explain why I am fatigued. I did start my Lasix yesterday and peed a lot, maybe that is what happened. Not sure.

Had to reorder all my meds today. I sure can not wait until the day I can get rid of the heart meds or at least limit them to just a couple a couple of times a day.

That is enough for now, take care.

5-day Post-Op Afternoon

Good afternoon:

Update on how I am doing today. I am not doing bad with the pain, the area where the byopsy took place still gives me fits but getting better.

I am back on all my prescribed heart medications. Today is the first day I took the Lasix and have felt drained all day. Not sure if they are linked together or not. I also get dizzy when getting up, I had that a little before but it is very noticeable today.

Mind: Well my mind has been good today. Not to much thinking about food which was nice.

Breafast I had egg salad
Lunch I had tuna made with mayo and spices
Dinner I am having 3 shrimp

I eat with one of my daughters baby spoons. It takes approx 5 of those to equal one teaspoon. I am eating about 5-6 baby spoons full right now.

Talk to you later.

5:25 PM

5-days Post-Op Morning

Slept okay last night for my first night home. Woke up this morning and immediately had a bowel movemement. Weighted myself and I am at

314 pounds

That is 11 pounds down just a short of a week from surgery. I had 6 baby spoon bites of egg salad my wife made. I am taking my pills slowly over time.

Talk to you later.

10:08 AM

Pre-Op data
Jeff Blankenship
Age: 35
Vertical Gastrectomy Surgery
Surgery date: August 30, 2005
Pre-Op Height: 6' 1" (73 inches)
Pre-Op weight: 325.5 pounds
Pre-Op BMI: 42.9
Pre-Op Fat%: 39.8%
Pre-Op Fat Mass: 129.5 pounds

10:04 AM

Before and after surgury updates

I have had a very successful surgery up to this point. I had VG (Vertical Gastrectomy) surgery on Tuesday, August 30, 2005 0900.

I had to check myself in on Monday for heart precautions. I admitted myself at 0800 and had a right heart catheter put in at 1030 by my cardiologist took 30 minutes. That went extremely well considering the last one I had it took them 2 hours and 4 doctors. Then I went to CCU for the rest of the day. I had bowel prep starting at 1640 and boy oh boy by 1830 I was sitting all night. I consider myself lucky because they thought they were going to putting a balloon pump in and that would have meant I lay there for bowel prep.

I then went into surgery at 0715 on Tuesday and Dr. John Rabkin performed surgery at 0900 (so I was told) and out of surgery at 0959. All early detections were that it was a success. In my wife's mind when I got up to ICU and said something to her she was happy. Quit frankly, I do not remember a damn thing from surgery until the next day. Due to my heart condition I did not get out of bed that night.

I remember seeing some key people on Tuesday. My WIFE, Dr. John Rabkin, and Barbara Metcalf. I was told I held conversations with these people, sorry but do not recall talking.

Lets see, let's be honest here about the pain. Well, I was not in much pain on Tuesday, mainly because I do not remember much of it. Now Wednesday, well started off okay. Then I played macho man and did not use my PCA (morphine drip) nearly enough. The pain at one point was pretty severe. They asked me on a scale of 1-10 how much? My wife looked at the chart that CPMC provided and she said well it is obvious it is a 10 he is crying. So they doped me up and provided extra pain medication. That did the trick, my pain was tolerable, and of course the side effect is that I slept most of the day, but that is okay with me.

Now come Wednesday night, actually I think it was Thursday early am. I told my nurse I wanted my follie out. So we took care of that and with in an hour I also got up and went to the bathroom. They were thrilled about that. So Thursday was a catch up day for me on what happened the two days before. I also had my first meal, well if you call a popsicle a meal then yes my first meal.

I was released Friday and finally made it home. Pain wise, I have some don't get me wrong, however it is not bad at all. I think the biopsy they did on my liver hurts more than my wounds. Speaking of wounds, I have 4 lap holes and one 2 inch incision on my belly button.

Eating is so different, my mind is going crazy. My 9 month old daughter eats more than me. As a matter of fact I am using her baby spoon to eat with. So it feels like I am eating more instead of 2 bites from a teaspoon. I get approx 5-6 baby spoon bites.

Fluids, well fluids have been interesting. I take my sips, sips, sips (like you said Barb). After 1 to 2 sips I have to stop and wait. Then within a min or two I have this throw up sensation, but all it is, is a little air bubble.

Take what I write here as just another example of the way people take surgeries. Remember also I had extra precautionary measures being taken due to my heart condition.

I look forward to keeping everyone updated as the days and weeks go by.

Take care
9:57 AM

3-day Post Op: Update

Good morning all:Today is day 3 post op. I am sore but overall in good spirits. Tuesday is but a blurr to me. Remember seeing certain people but do not recall talking to them. Tuesaday was a the day of sleeping. Of course so was Wednesday for the most part. I was on a morphine drip Tuesaday and Wednesday. According to the nurses I did not use enough. Gees anymore and I would be telling them all my secerts.Well with any luck I will be out of here today. Saturday for sure. Being sore is expected, but does not costatuite staying around this long weekend.I will have a lot to tell later, but wanted to get a quick howdy out. Talk to you guys later.-----------Jeff Blankenship

This was sent from my Blackberry while in my bed in the hospital.

Life before the WLS

I thought I had better write about my issues prior to having Vertical Gasrectomy weight loss surgery.

In 2003 I was at my heaviest of 392 pounds. I normally don't have a problem with my weight, but I started to grow concerned. I decided to diet, I had never wanted to diet but decided I better. I went on the Atkins low/no carb diet. Over the course of 8 months I lost 71 pounds. I was feeling better than 392 but still not right. Then I had an oppurtunity to move with the company and moved to Redding, CA. I could never get back on track, over I would say 3-5 months I gained 30ish pounds back.

Then July of 2004 I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy/congestive heart failure (CHF). I went on speacial care and meds. Did okay under care but never again was I 100%. I was fatigued a lot and my back and knees were killing me. Of course joints hurting was nothing compared to cardiomyopothy and CHF.

Then May 2005 I had a serious heart problem. Wound up in the hospital for 5 weeks. See August 7, 2005 blog entry for more details.

Lets list problems associated to weight.

Joints hurting and deteriorating
Major Heart issues - Cardiomyopothy and Congestive Heart Failure
Sleep Apnea
Always Fatigued
Kids embarrassed with size of Dad
Had to buy special clothes (5XL in shirts, 50+ in pants)
Well that is life before WLS. We will see what happens over the next few months.

1 week to check-in for WLS

Good afternoon:

I have one week left before I check myself in at CPMC in SF. My weight has been flucuating by 3-5 pounds over the course of the last 3 or so days. I feel good other than all the medication I am on for my heart.

Today I read that a SF Forty Niner player died after there game. He was only 23 years old. Cause yet to be determined, I hope this guy was not on drugs. If he was not and it was due to being over weight and has sleep apnia it will be a shame.

Received an email from Barbara Metcalf at PacLap and she asked if I wanted to go public with my issues. I told her if the WLS surgery helps my heart like we hope then heck yes. This is a serious problem, young people are dying for no appearent reason. Well it is due to a problem they have had for years. It is called morbide obesity and sleep apna.

My journey will begin in one week I am excited, yet nervous inside. I think I have everything in order/ready.

I look forward to writing about my journey and who knows maybe I will be a spokesman for something. Stranger things have happened.

Take care and look forward to writing soon.

12 Days to WLS

Good morning:

I am 12 days away from having Vertical Gastrectomy (VG). I have to go do preop stuff 8 days from now. I am anxious to get this done, but not so anxious about the preop stuff my cardiologist wants to do.

I am back to work and hanging in there, I get real tired by the end of the day.

I switched our cell phone service from Nextel to Cingular. That is new since last writing.

I will try to give updates from the hospital using my Blackberry. I want to try to keep my feelings and emotions in check and be able to recount my experiences during this new life changing event.

Take care.
WLS and Update

Were do I begin since my last Blog.

February 28, 2005 was my last day at Ch2m Hill. I went on to work for myself with one main contract in hand for NSI.

Things were going good and looking up as far as financial stability was going. The one thing that happened that was not good was I had to drop the family for medical insurance. I keep on with COBRA from Ch2m Hill.


May 3, 2005 - As I was typing an email to a client, I broke out in a cold clammy wet sweat from head to toe. At that time I thought I had to go to the bathroom so I did and nothing but I felt really bad. So I got up and then went by the fan and told myself just laydown for a minute or two and cool off. As I did that my chest started hurting. That is when I knew something was wrong. I was able to get up and grab my keys and head out for the house (stupid thing to do). I bearly made it to the house when I told my wife something is wrong and to get me to the hospital. She wanted to call 911 but I told her to drive me to Mercy hospital. I arrived there at 11ish am and told the clerk I think I am having a heart attack. She told me to sign in about the time she looked up and saw me she said, wait come right back. She took my blood pressure and her eyes went wide and rushed me to the ER. That is when all the fun began, they did all kinds of things to me and stabilized me. My cardiologist Dr. Mendelhson had an ECG done on me before he got there. They decided to admit me and when I got up stairs to a room my cardiologist came in to talk to me. He basically told me that he would not be able to continue care for me.That my heart condition has deterated tremendously. My Ejection Fraction was 10-15% and 2 months prior was at 30-35%. He began to talk to me about seeing a specialist that deals in this kind of thing. I recall him saying transplant facility once but just thought it was a place that works on rehabilitating the heart. So Tammy and I said yes lets make the arraingement to go. I told him to talk to them and I would drive down in a day or two. Well that is not what he had in mind. At 7 pm that night I was life lighted down to San Francisco and taken to California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC).

At 7 pm I was loaded up and flown to SF and arrived in the hospital shortly after 9 pm. I was alone but in good hands. The nurses that flown down with me were extremely nice and supportive. Tammy was unable to fly down with me because of the kids. She inturn made arrangements for the kids and drive down the next day. My Dad and Uncle B drove down the next day as well.

So for the next 5 weeks I was in CPMC undergoing all kinds of test and evaluations. During the first 2 weeks I was in CCU. They had Swan Gans in me and IV's and checking my numbers every two hours. I saw probably 10 different doctors during this time. They decided I needed to be worked up for a heart translant. They wanted to prepare incase I needed to get on the transplant list. So for two weeks I was being told I was going to in for a long haul and would be on a transplant list. I finally had a break down about 1 1/2 weeks into my visit. I called Tammy and told her that I need to have someone down here with me at all times. Tammy was back and forth during this time. The doctors were just throwing stuff at me to fast. I need a representive with me. So between Tammy and my Dad I had someone with me for the next couple of weeks. Finally I had to say slow down people and let's discuss medications before putting me on a heart transplant list. So we started a vigours medication regimate. Over the next 2-3 weeks I started walking 30 minutes on the treadmill. I met with the mechanical heart doctor and he said your records don't match the way you look. He actually asked me what I wanted to do, I told him since we do not really know what had caused the heart to grow week and the best idea was the weight and sleep apna I have had all these years that was it. I told the doctor why can't we look at having Weight Loss Surgery (WLS). He agreed and so began that process.

My cardiologist called Pacific Laparoscopy to come speak to me. They send over a PA to show me the different surgery's. Then Dr. Robert Rabkin came over to meet with me. He then had his brother Dr. John Rabkin come in and speak to me and talk to me about what they recommended for me. They want to do Vertical Gastrectomy (VS) see attached photo showing my surgery. I agreed and they started the approval process with Blue Shield. During this time they sent Barbara Metcalf a very nice person. She was so happy for me and looking forward to seeing my progress.

As you can imagine Blue Shield denied my life giving surgery. So down and out I told the cardiologist unless were doing some thing else it was time for me to leave. I would fight the insurance from home and not the hospital. They finally released me on June 7, 2005, just in time to see my daughter graduate from 8th grade the next night.

That brings us to the end of June. I filled an appeal with Blue Shield and for 30-days I called the case manager every day or every other day checking in and telling her this is a medical need. Then on July 22, 2005 I received a call from Blue Shield and I just knew they were denying me again. Well the call was a great one...

I WAS APPROVED!!!!!!! (July 22, 2005 letter says)

I went back to work with Ch2m Hill on July 25, 2005. I have done pretty well so far. I have VS surgery on August 30, 2005 down in SF at CPMC. I have to go in on the 29th to have some precautionary measures down before the surgery the next day.

For the next 3 weeks I will be working, yet taking it easy. I can not have any issues before then. Let me list a couple of Newsgroups that I have been turned on to.

Pacific Laparoscopy - http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/DS_PacificLaparoscopy/

VS newsgroup - http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/sleevegastrectomy/

Some statistics before surgery. I am 35 yrs old, I am 6'1" and weight 320 Ibs, BMI 43.3.

That will be it for now. I may or may not be back until after my surgery. Then I plan on keeping my Blog up-to-date with my progress.

Have a great week.