Selecting Blogger and long over due update

Sorry it has been over a month or two since blogging. I have been busy getting back to work after my surgery.

I have been wanting the ability to blog and make it appear on my website. Finally after a couple of years have revisited and found that they have that option. So I have gathered all my old post and my post on and added to myblog site, which inturns uploads to my website .

I am doing good as of 11-1-05 I am weighing in at 271.6 which is down 53.9 pounds since surgery on 8-30-05.

I have been working out, doing cardio and lifting weights. I am starting slow and light and working my way up. I still have heart issues that I have to pay attention to.

I hope to do some heart test within the next couple of months to see if the weight loss is helping. I sure hope it is helping other wise I may have to get on the heart transplant list and I DO NOT want to do that.

Family is doing well Adriana is walking now, well sort of weaving.

Taken on a new roll at work. I am now doing regional support for California and Nevada. It has been quit challenging.

I will go for now I need to try and eat my 4-5 bites of protein for lunch.

Take care.


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