Jott and Pinger

I stumbled upon these to interesting sites/tools.  I use the tool more than I do the voice mail system. - Jott is a way to send messages to yourself, your friends or even a group of friends and you do it all using your voice. Simply dial the Jott number (877-568-8486), say the name of the person or group you want to send the jott to (for example, "John Philips" or "Soccer Team"), Jott will confirm that we got the name right by saying it back to you.  Say your message, your voice jott will be translated to text, and sent to the persons email or phone (whatever you choose). In order to Jott someone, you have to have put them in your contact list on -  Pinger is text messaging for your voice. With Pinger you can send voice messages instantly, from your mobile phone directly to anyone else's. It's fast and efficient like email, portable like text messaging and powered with your voice. Pinger's great for sending voice messages from your mobile to one friend or an entire group with just one call.

Give them a try and let us know what you think.  Is it something you would use?

Have a good Friday and a GREAT weekend.


2 year WLS Annual Check up and Presentation in S.F.

On August 8th I had my two year weight loss surgery check up. I was asked if I would be a speaker at there monthly meeting that evening. Since I was down there I figured it would be good to talk about my experiences.

My two year (wow 2 years) check up was at 2 pm in San Francisco with Pacific Laparoscopy. My appointment was typical wait for over an hour for a 10-15 minute talk. This time I met with Jennifer Smith PA-C instead of one of the doctors. My blood work looked great and they were pleased with my progress up to this point. I am at the weight that they like to see me at. They do not want to see me lose much more if any. Jennifer Smith PA-C was rather surprised to hear after 2 years I still not eating sweets or drinking carbonated beverages. She did say it was okay to eat fruit in small quantities. I eat grapes and nectarines on occasions but do not splurge on them. After that was done I had time to go back to the motel to freshen up and change into something more presentable for the meeting. We like to stay at the San Francisco Days Inn on Grove Street. If your ever in San Francisco and need great little hotel centrally located I highly recommend staying at the San Francisco Days Inn on Grove Street.

Tammy and I showed up to the meeting about an hour early to make sure everything was setup ahead of time. Tammy went off to the presentation for people interested in learning about the surgery options and what it takes to have a surgery. I stayed in the meeting that was a questions and answer session with John Rabkin, MD, FACS. Doctor John is the surgereon that performed my surgery August 30, 2005. Very, very talented at what he does could not ask for a better doctor. A lot of the Q/A was about reconstructive surgery for those that have had weight loss surgery. The two groups merged at 7 pm for introductions and the guest speaker (me). They had everyone introduce themselves and tell there name, what surgery they had, how much weight they loss, and there wow moment for the month. They went around the room and then Barbara Metcalf, RN, Program Director introduced me and I went into my speech. I spoke about my heart issues that started all this in 2005 and then lead into my surgery and the life after my surgery up to that day.

The presentation got the point across but I thought I choked a little. Doctor Rabkin was standing right in front of me in the back of the room. That sort of through my game off a little not sure why. Overall I thought the evening went well and it was good to talk to people that either had or were thinking about having weight loss surgery. There were approximately 40 people I believe. People that were years out of there surgery and others that were not so far out. There were even a couple of folks that had Vertical Gastrectomy just like I had.

Have a great day and see you online.