It's been a while since I have posted to my Blogger. No reason, kind of forgot about it.

Well the day went okay. Then the night started to fall a part. When I got home, as usual I went to my room to change. I got undress then went to the bathroom. While in there I heard a plop. Just as it happened I realized what happened. My Scuba Diver charm fell off my necklace and into the toilet. I was so sick.

It fell and immediately sank. It sank to the bottom and back under the ledge. We tried like hell to get it out and had no luck.

Let me give you a little history behind this special charm. I purchased this little diver made of some sort of medal. This thing wound up turning my kneck black. So I gave it to my Mom to fix/clean.

A little under a year past and I had forgotten about it. Then the weekend before I went into the U.S. Navy. We were having fun in San Francisco on the warf (Pier 39). The day past and as we were sitting along the warf watching the sunset. My Mom reached in her pocket and handed me a little felt box. I asked what it was and she said well open it. When I opened it, there was a gleaming Gold Scuba Diver. I was very pleased. As I got to looking at it closer I realized it was the same one I had almost a year ago. I told her thank you very much for getting it gold platted. She said OH NO, and reached in her pocket and pulled out the old original charm.

My Mom had taken it to a jeweler in Pier 39 and had them recreate the charm in per Gold. At that point I was so thankful and emotional. She said that she wanted me to have something nice that I really enjoyed to show off while in the Navy. This was one of the most amazing times of my life. There I was 18 and sitting on a Pier watching the sunset with my Mom with a most amazing little Scuba Diver.

So you can see why this was a low point when it fell in the toilet. My wife called the apartments to see if they could help. Bob the maintenance guy said he would be right over. During this time I had taken the toilet off the base and drained and set it aside.

Bob showed up and worked like crazy to find out. Then he took a flash light and asked me if it was a shinny gold charm. I said Yes, he said the good news is it is still in here. I was so relived at that point. It was not lost down the drain. After about 20+ minutes he was able to retrieve the charm, rescue in my mind.

I was so excited I felt like hugging him. I did not feel that would be appropriate. So instead shook his hand. After he left and I settled down. I wrote a letter to the Apartment complex manager praising him. I also created a thank you certificate. I will be delivery these to the office today or tomorrow.

Happy Valentine's.

Working from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm today, Dwan is off. I have Monday off to be with the kids for Presidents day. We will see how it goes.