BerryWeather Says...

I might have to purchase BerryWeather app with this latest beta version. They say my wallpaper will update on some specific time. As you with this screen capture its accurate. We are cloudy and rainy with coming.

The only thing for me and weather is the fact I will look outside for the days weather. Perhaps BerryWeather will do a better job at predicting weather than my local weatherman.

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Starbucks Gold my not be so Golden

Received my new Starbucks Gold card (gold) a week and half prior to my old one expiring.  The new one started on the 6th of January.  Here I am finally 15 stars into my new Starbucks Gold card and can compare the two.  You get a star for every visit you use your gold card, with money on it, to make a purchase.  You read that right you have to have money on the card and use it to get a star towards your rewards.  Here are the benefits of the new gold card by Starbucks:

  • Free birthday drink
  • 2 continuous hours of free Wi-Fi daily
  • Free refills on brewed coffee, iced coffee and tea
  • Free flavored syrups
  • Free tall (12 fl oz) beverage with every pound of coffee purchased
  • Exclusive offers & coupons

My Starbucks Gold Card


My old Gold card (black) benefits were as follows:

  • 10% off most purchases in participating U.S. Starbucks stores
  • A free beverage on your birthday
  • Exclusive offers & coupons
  • 2 continuous hours of free Wi-Fi daily

Old Starbucks Gold Card Program

I received the black gold card for free for all the purchases I made so no $25 fee.  If I did pay the $25 for the year that equals to $1.05 for the 15 visits.  I saved on average $0.68 a visit during these first 15 visits.  That same 15 visits saving on average $0.68 means the free drink would have cost me $10.20.  Wow, so far the new gold card does not save me anything and is costing me money.

Let’s break this down a little further.  If I stay to drink my Iced Coffee with sugar-free caramel and light breve and then take advantage of the free refill then the loss shrinks.  I order iced coffee and Frappuccino so there were no additional syrup charges.  I used the Wi-Fi maybe three hours last year.  That benefit did not help me and perhaps this year I will try to use it more so that I can see the benefit of the new gold card.

At least three of the benefits are the same but that 10% discount compared to needing 15 stars is a huge difference.  A lot of times the discount is what gave the Starbucks partners there tip. 

Early indications are the new Starbucks Gold card is NOT so Golden :(

What is your take on the new Starbucks Gold card?

Shark large than boat

Note to self: SELF if Great White Shark is larger than my boat. Get out of the ocean :o)
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Testing a voice note post

Well that did not work.  So no voice notes from a BlackBerry Storm to Blogger.  Will test videos next.

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Sunset and clouds

The drive produced this beautiful sky for us to reflect on 2009. The rain had passed the day before and only high clouds were seen.

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