Starbucks Gold my not be so Golden

Received my new Starbucks Gold card (gold) a week and half prior to my old one expiring.  The new one started on the 6th of January.  Here I am finally 15 stars into my new Starbucks Gold card and can compare the two.  You get a star for every visit you use your gold card, with money on it, to make a purchase.  You read that right you have to have money on the card and use it to get a star towards your rewards.  Here are the benefits of the new gold card by Starbucks:

  • Free birthday drink
  • 2 continuous hours of free Wi-Fi daily
  • Free refills on brewed coffee, iced coffee and tea
  • Free flavored syrups
  • Free tall (12 fl oz) beverage with every pound of coffee purchased
  • Exclusive offers & coupons

My Starbucks Gold Card


My old Gold card (black) benefits were as follows:

  • 10% off most purchases in participating U.S. Starbucks stores
  • A free beverage on your birthday
  • Exclusive offers & coupons
  • 2 continuous hours of free Wi-Fi daily

Old Starbucks Gold Card Program

I received the black gold card for free for all the purchases I made so no $25 fee.  If I did pay the $25 for the year that equals to $1.05 for the 15 visits.  I saved on average $0.68 a visit during these first 15 visits.  That same 15 visits saving on average $0.68 means the free drink would have cost me $10.20.  Wow, so far the new gold card does not save me anything and is costing me money.

Let’s break this down a little further.  If I stay to drink my Iced Coffee with sugar-free caramel and light breve and then take advantage of the free refill then the loss shrinks.  I order iced coffee and Frappuccino so there were no additional syrup charges.  I used the Wi-Fi maybe three hours last year.  That benefit did not help me and perhaps this year I will try to use it more so that I can see the benefit of the new gold card.

At least three of the benefits are the same but that 10% discount compared to needing 15 stars is a huge difference.  A lot of times the discount is what gave the Starbucks partners there tip. 

Early indications are the new Starbucks Gold card is NOT so Golden :(

What is your take on the new Starbucks Gold card?

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