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If your like me you wonder what all the blogging terms mean. Upon my miles of travel on the Internet I came across The Giant Blogging Terms Glossary.
Are you puzzled by strange blogging terms and unusual blog abbreviations and blogging acronyms? Then this post will get the Blargon Demystified. This article attempts to simplify some common blogging terms organized into a simple blogging glossary.Are you puzzled by strange blogging terms and unusual blog abbreviations and blogging acronyms? Then this post will get the Blargon Demystified. This article attempts to simplify some common blogging terms organized into a simple blogging glossary.

Here is just a small example of the terms and how they are laid out at The Giant Blogging Terms Glossary.


  • Weblog- An online dated diary listing your periodic thoughts on a specific topic, often in reverse chronological order.

  • Blog - short form for weblog

  • Blogging - the act of posting on blogs

  • Blogger - a person who blogs

  • Blogosphere - The Internet blogging community

I found this list to be very comprehensive and easy to read and gave me insight to the blogging world language.

Do you find a list like this useful?

15 Links You Could Live Without but Why?

KeyXL- is the largest online database of keyboard shortcuts in the world. Our keyboard shortcut database is searchable by software program and covers all the major operating environments including Windows, Macintosh, Linux and browser-based applications.

Internet Slang Dictionary & Translator - Confused by net slang? Can't read a text message? Translate internet slang and acronyms. They even have a section called New Drug Slang Dictionary so that you can learn the latest drug slang kids are using on the internet, instant messaging, and text messaging.

The Next Internet Millionaire -Twelve contestants will receive an all expenses paid trip to learn from the master of marketing while they compete for cash, prizes, and the ultimate joint venture with Joel Comm. Joel Comm is an Internet entrepreneur who has been online for over 20 years.

Draw Space- Drawspace is the largest and fastest growing recreational art education website in the world. The site owner, Brenda Hoddinott, is a world renowned artist and art educator. If you ever wanted to learn to draw but don't want to take class at a college check this site out.

The Unofficial Smiley Dictionary -If you ever wanted more emoticons then the original :-) then go to The Unofficial Smiley Dictionary to see many, many more emoticons.

Eagles Discography- Complete information about the recordings of the Eagles, Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner, Don Felder, Joe Walsh, and Timothy B. Schmit. If you like the eagles as I do then you will find this a useful site for remembering one of the greatest bands of all time.

San Francisco Giants - The 2007 season is over for the Giants and thankfully. I still have to provide a link to my baseball team. Also, a good time to say one last Good Bye Barry Bonds.

Lockheed SR-71 blackbird -The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird entered the U.S. Air Force'sinventory in 1966 as the fastest aircraft in the world and still holds that distinction to this day. In 1990 the U.S. Air Force withdrew the SR 71 from operational duties. This site has some great history and photos of the greatest jet that ever flew. I had the pleasure of seeing the Blackbird fly twice at Beale Air Force Base, California.

Sanctuary Cruises- At Sanctuary Cruises, there respect and dedication for our natural environment is without equal in the industry, from the owner to the captains and crew. One day I will make it to Monterey, CA to take one of there cruises. I have watched there website for many years now. If you ever want to see marine wildlife these people seem to care about what they do and want to preserve our oceans.

Wyland-Wyland is my favorite marine artist. His Moonlight Journey is just one of my favorite pieces he has done. Marine Life Artist Wyland has earned the distinction as one of America’s most unique creative influences, and a leading advocate for marine resource conservation. An accomplished painter, sculptor, photographer, writer, and SCUBA diver, he has traveled the farthest reaches of the globe for more than twenty-five years, capturing the raw power and beauty of the undersea universe.

Chad Hawthorne - The son of an artist, and with no formal schooling in the world of art, only that which was taught to him by his mother many years ago. Chad has however, always possessed an interest and knack for creative drawing and painting respectively. As a small child he would doodle endlessly at his mother's feet as she stood in front of her easel.

Richard Marcinko - The original Rogue Warrior his books are amazing and will keep you reading from the moment you open the book. Put in his own words,

"Ass-kicking Navy SEAL, C.E.O., and graduate-level business instructor Richard Marcinko, a.k.a. Dick Marcinko, a.k.a. Demo Dick, a.k.a. Shark Man of the Delta, is one of the toughest men ever to serve the US of A. His bestselling Rogue Warrior series and other fine writings have solidified the Military lit. genre and not only advanced its technical vocabulary, but has no less restructured the military memoir narrative as we know it.

PADI -The way the world learns to dive. PADI is the finest institution to learn to Scuba Dive. Look to PADI before any others.

CraigsList-If you have something to sale and don't want to pay a fee to list it then give craigslist a try. I listed a PDA/Cell phone and within 20 minutes had to inquirers and sold the phone with in 2 hours. I have also listed other larger items and received inquiries but have not sold it. Hey what do you have to lose, time?

Together We Served - If you ex-Navy you want to check this site out. It will connect you with shipmates of the past.

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Worth a stop by and who knows you might like there post and subscribe to there RSS feeds.

Have a good one.