Defibulator check up

Good afternoon all:

Had my defibrillator checked just a little bit ago. They said everything looked good and had no issues. They saw one spot where the unit went into monitor mode. It did not go off (luckly) so they were not to worried about it.

I don't have to get the device checked but every 6 months. So now I have my heart doctor and defib check up at the same time which makes it nice.

Have a great day everyone and watch out for the heat.


Weight Loss Pictures

Just had to share these pictures

First I am at my heaviest. This is some where around 382 pounds possibly heavier.

Next we have me still in the hospital before surgery. I am 325.5 at this point getting ready to have vertical gastrectomy.

Last but not lease here I am at 11 months after my vg surgery. I weighed in at 201 for my 1 year picture check up.

It is strange to see these pictures. I always knew I was big but to see me at my heaviest is just amazing. I never saw myself that large. In the first picture you can see my necklace is tight, I mean tight. In my 1 yr picture you don’t see my necklace because it is hanging below my shirt. I never take off my scuba diver necklace and can remember at one point at my heaviest I thought I was going to have to take it off due to circulation. This is what I have been going through during my life. Just a few days ago I did not see 200 on the scale. I am below that now and it is amazing. I never thought I was going to see under 300 again let alone under 200. This is why I believe highly in WLS (weight loss surgery) and would recommend it to anyone that is obese. Sure there are risk and you need to do your homework and research before selecting a surgeon but at this point my life has been extended due to my weight loss. Just had to share these with everyone.


1 year WLS Appt

Good Monday every:

I had my 1 year weight loss surgery appointment about a month early but that is okay. My biggest grip is the fact that I have to drive 4 hours one way to get to my appt. Then I wait in the office for an hour and thirty minutes for a 10 min appt. Dr. Robert Rabkin says your looking good and the blood work is good have a good weekend, well gee wiz thanks for that. Why couldn't they have told me the blood work was good on the phone. Oh well that is the way goes.

Here are my statistics from the appt.

Weight: 201 pounds
BMI: 26.5
Fat Mass: 35.5 pounds
FFM: 165.5 pounds
TBW: 121 pounds

For those following I started at a weight of 325.5 pounds the day before my surgery. I was 359 just a few months before that when I was in the hospital awaiting a potential heart transplant. I am happy to say I do not need a heart transplant and very pleased for that.

The image is page one of the Winter 2006 newsletter for PacLap. They did a feature story on my surgery.

For now have a good week and I will try to update later.