End of 2005

Good afternoon;

Well here we are at the end of another year. Can't hardly believe 2005 has come and gone that quickly. If you have read some of my past post 2005 was not the greatest year for me and my family. Of course some would say it was a great year. Meaning that I did not die back in May.

Christmas turned out nice. The kids are happy and had a good Christmas considering. I sit here at work reminiscing about 2005 and other years. I catching myself thinking how lucky I really am, I have a beautiful wife and wonderful kids. For the most part everyone is healthy and we all love each other. I have seen my other daughter and hope to stay in touch with her after all these years.

I hope 2006 is a good year and I hope the family and myself stay healthy and out of the hospital. I am currently down to 248 pounds from 359 in May. I really need to get to the gym and start working out and stay at the gym. I need to be consistent and try to not wavering one week to another.

I bought a new digital camera and want to take more pictures of the family and my surroundings. Then post a few on my blog and who knows start a discussion group about photography. I have a lot to learn and look forward to it. I really want to get good at it so I can take pictures of my Dad's pools that he builds. He does fabulous work and needs to be document for future memories.

I find myself thinking about Mom a lot lately (passed away a few years ago). I sure miss her and wish she was with us today to be with the kids. She sure loved Brandon and I bet would have just fallen all over Adriana. If your out there Mom, I love you and miss you.

I guess I better go and look at the rain. It is pouring lakes out there it is amazing.

Happy New Year everyone be safe.


Christmas Party

Tonight is the Christmas Party for CH, oh excuse me Holiday Party. Kind of taken back when I went in to get a nice button up shirt to wear to the party. I was looking forward to being able to get any color I wanted since I lost so much weight. Well I was informed I still needed a size 20" neck shirt. Okay fine show me the way, well there were 4 basic color shirts I had to chose from I was not happy about this. I have lost over 100 pounds and a ton of it in my neck and upper body but I still have a size 20 neck. Ouch, I guess my neck was pretty large before cause I have lost a lot of it so far.

I was able to get a nice leather jacket to accompany my outfit that was 2x which is a far cry from a 5x. Well anyways wanted to write down some of what I was thinking today.

Take care and hope all have a good weekend.