Goodbye Barry Bonds, You Will Be Missed As A Giant!

Tonight is a sad night for us San Francisco Giants fans. Tonight ends another era for the Giants franchise. Barry Bonds #25 is playing his last game at AT&T Park in San Francisco. I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about Barry over this last couple of years. For a die hard Giants fan I find myself being emotional over Barry leaving the Giants.

I have watched the ups and downs that Barry has had as a Giants player. I hope others do not dispute the fact that he is the Home Run King with 762 career home runs. I will never give up on my Giants but I know I will have a hard time adjusting without him next year. As I did with Shaq O'Neil of the LA Lakers. I will keep an eye on Barry where ever he decides to go. I consider AT&T Park the house that Bonds built. I only hope maybe after a couple/few years when he decides to retire the Giants will bring him back to let him retire as a San Francisco Giants where he deserves to be.

Barry Bonds
(Photo by Missy Mikulecky)

Good luck #25, Barry Bonds you will be missed and remember your Giants fans love you.

Learn a new language for FREE!

Hola, Como esta usted?  Which means 'Hello, How are you?' 

Came across a website called Mango Language it's a site you can learn a new language for free.  They offer a variety of languages such as Spanish, Russian, French, German, Japanese and many others.  I took a look at the Spanish for two lessons and it teaches through repetitiveness.  I found that you can highlight a word and it will repeat what it sounds like so you can practice a word as well as click on the speaker to hear the whole sentence again.  Here is a screen shot of a lesson from Mango.

Learn a new language for FREE 

If you interested in trying out a new language the price is right (zero dollars).  If you found this site useful please post a comment so other readers know what you think.



Hello I'm Johnny Cash

My 2 year old climbed up on the couch grabbed me by the cheeks looking me straight in the eyes with intense sincerity  said "Hello I'm Johnny Cash" then got down off the couch and started shaking her rump like she was Elvis.  I just about busted a gut from laughing so hard.  After I calmed down I wondered where in the world she heard that.

Then I remembered we watched 'Walk the line' with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon the other night.  Walk the Line is based Johnny Cashes life.  It starts with Johnny Cash (Joaquin Phoenix) standing in front of a table saw in Folsom Prison remember how he got to that point.  It went through his life as a child then an airmen in the Air Force a traveling door to door salesman and then getting a record deal with Sun Records in Memphis, TN.

I enjoy watching this movie with my daughter.  She loves to dance around and sing to the great soundtrack.  She always wants me to forward to the music parts.

I give this movie 4 stars and thought Joaquin did a great job.  I would recommend it to anyone that likes a good performance with a good sound track.



Get a Free Clutter-Busting Review of Your Blog or Website

I subscribe to Skelliewag blog  and one of the recent post she offered is 'Get a Free Clutter-Busting Review of Your Blog or Website' she say's
One thing I’ve previously enjoyed doing is giving one-on-one feedback to bloggers and webmasters on how they can simplify and declutter their sites, strengthening their core message. It’s also something I don’t get to do often enough.

In an attempt to change that, I’ve decided to offer personalized email reviews of your blog or website, with a focus on simplicity and clutter removal tailored to you.

They do not expect anything in return because as she says:
This is simply me trying to exercise skill #21 of 101 Essential Blogging Skills: "Give without expecting to receive.

As a new blogger I sure appreciate the comments.  Some of what she recommended are the following.

1. Remove the 'Add to Google' button from beneath your feed icon. There is an option to add the feed to Google when you click on the main icon anyway, so the doubling-up is unnecessary.

2. Remove the second 'Archives' drop-down menu. You have already linked to a dedicated Archives page earlier in your sidebar.

3. I'd remove the 'Registration' element.Registration is only useful if you want any blog reader to be able to write posts on your blog. You can bookmark your login page and do away with it, which will help to unclutter your sidebar.

4. Consider removing inText advertising. I've heard from dozens of people that these ads reduce traffic. A lot of blogs use them which are designed to trick readers into clicking links. Your blog obviously isn't one of those, but readers generally have negative associations with them. They distract from your content and sometimes trick readers into thinking they are normal links. So unless you're making lots of money from these I don't think they're worth the loss.

5. Put the Wordpress and Blog Catalog buttons in your footer. They're a bit distracting where they are now, and you're not really getting anything in return for displaying them there.

I took her constructive criticism and made appropriate changes.  For someone to give a review for a complete stranger and not expect something in return is almost unheard of these days. 

Thank you Skelliewag it meant a lot.  If you have a blog and looking someone elses ideas to help you I would recommend surfing by Skelliewag and check her out.

Have a good evening all.