What a fun day at work encountered the PE_NIMDA.E - Description and solution virus today. What fun it was to remove.

Busy cleaning my own system and then logging calls about that virus. Did not have time to do much at all today. Had to do my first system downtime on the Phone system. No big deal.

On my way home soon to be with the family. The wife has her normal Monday meeting and I will be with the kids. My son has a sinus infection and had to go to the doctor to get some medicine.

Getting ready to go to Las Vegas for a few day to work. Looking forward to that, the wife will fly over to be with me a day later. We are hoping to enjoy ourselves and who knows maybe even win some money....Never know.
Sitting here realizing that life is short and boring when your broke. The kids are at an age difference that they don't want to do the same things. The wife is getting her nails done and we decided to watch "Coyote Ugly" an awsome display of women dancing on a bar. If only there was a bar like that. Probably would make a fortune.

Bar business there is a tough gig in California. The no smoking laws have made it interesting. Not to mention the Driving Under the Influence (DUI): General Information laws, who can afford to be pulled over. I use to manage a lounge/bar in Chico, CA. What a time that was, I use to have Blues Bands from all over the area come in and play Friday and Saturday nights. The bar business is fast paced, hard work, and a lot of fun to. Never thought hard work and fun would be used together.
Here it is Saturday morning. I must say I will not allow my son to watch scary movies so late again. I had a visitor 3 times last night. My son come's in to see Dad when he is scared. I guess good Ol' Dad will protect him.

Just got done playing catch with the family, yes in the house, but with a soft small ball. Were watching GAC (Great American Country) channel and it is laugh at loud weekend. Some hilarious country vidoes.

We are talking about our trip to Las Vegas next week. I am going to do some work in Las Vegas for 3 days. I am able to take my wife with me and we are hoping to have a good time while were gone. The kids are going to there Grandparents. We are looking forward to see Las Vegas and all the sites. Who knows we may even win (lose) some money.

Going to go for now. We have nothing going on this weekend. The wife is going to get her nails done. This will conclude her pampering for now.
Well here I am after 2200 and wanted to show my wife what this blogger thing is about. Well as usual, when it comes to computers, yea, yea honey. I found the move Lost Boys on TV and turned it for my kids to watch. They say they like vampire's, well it must be the movie Little Vampire. This one is going to leave nightmares.

I tried to turn it and they said no. So what the heck let them watch it.

I am very tired and time to go to bed.
Today was very interesting. As usual it started at 0515 this morning. Dragged my butt out of bed and got around. I kissed my wife good bye and went to work. Had a good day and took a lot of calls. Then at 1130 the weekly staff meeting took place and I had to stay on the phones. The meeting turned out to be quite lengthy and I am glad I was not in this one. The group got an ass chewing over the BTI training that was held on a Saturday. Appearently, there were some that went to HR complaining that we did not get paid for the mandatory training. My manager felt like she was stabbed in the back for her people not communicating there feelings about the training.

How do I feel about this. I can go both ways on it. Yes I wanted to be paid for it, but they did pay for the course and lunch. It turns out they are going to pay us 5 hours after all.

Well the best part of today is my dear sweet wife. After 2 or 3 months of letting her hair grow she got it cut. She wanted it to grow long in the back and instead it grew puffy on top and the side. She asked me what I thought of her hair and for once in 10 years I told her what I felt. I told her it looked like a mop. Well that did not hurt her but she said fine help me find a hair style. So after searching the web for hair styles we found Hairdos Main Frame and HAIR STYLES CATALOG. I actually sat down with her and we seach hundreds of photos and narrowed it down to two styles. So I e-mailed them to myself at work and printed them out and asked some women at work which they liked. So unanamously we chose one. After work I took her to get her hair trimmed.

I figured after lossing 40 Ibs and continuing to lose weight and looking better by the day. I wanted her to pamper herself. The haircut looked great and when we got home we colored her hair. She wanted to lighten it, so I helped and we lightened it. I told her to go down and make an appointment to get her nails done. She asked if she get her eye brows done also. I said why not, so she went down and made an appointment to get her nails done and then she had her eye brows plucked.

I tell you what she is one hot women. I am one very lucky man to have her as my wife. I may not say it enough but she is the best.

Well it is almost 2100 and time to get off.
Well after reading about weblogs in the newspaper I had to investigate. I spent two days and asking others about this weblog thing. I am still trying to figure out what a weblog and a blogger is. Well after two day I decided to sign up for Blogger. So here it goes.

I will probably use it like a diary and there will be some that will hate me for it. Some sites say weblogs are not diaries and some suggest it is. Well this will require some more discussion but for now what ever.