Were having our garage door replaced today. I worked from home this morning so that I could be there when they arrived. They did not show up beforw I had to leave for a doctor's appointment. I am having an echgram done. With any luck my ejection fraction will be up. I will update this posting when I get the results.

Until then have a good day.

Well my ejection fraction is about 47% that is up from last test. I was hoping for higher at least in the 50% range. Trying to not be discouraged about that result but tough.

Landlord put in a new roll up garage door for us today. Tammy says it looks GREAT!.



Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone:

Hope everyone had a safe and sane holidays. It was peaceful around our kneck of the woods. We were busy for two days and then stayed around the house after that. Went to a friends house for New Years Eve and sat around and eat and bully shacked.

This is my first full week back in 2 or more weeks. I took some time off with the holidays that made my weeks short. All is good with everyone in our house hold. Tammy and I are trying to get things in order for the new year. Not resolutions but goals that we would like to accomplish this year. Things like buy a home, pay down debt things like that.

Tammy is starting a new year in her home based business. I have a doctors appoint tomorrow for an echo gram. I am hoping my ejection fraction is higher since last test.

I will let you know