Where a great BlackBerry Storm app

Found this free app in BlackBerry App Store and I especially like the Starbucks locator. I was just think it would be great to have a Starbucks locator on my BlackBerry Storm and here we go.
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12 Year Anniversary

Sunday was Tammy and I 12 year anniversary. At the last minute we decided to drive over to Trinadad, CA. The above photo's was taken through my BlackBerry Storm while we were walking on the beach. Yes that is Tammy taking a picture of me with her BlackBerry Storm while I took a picture of her with mine.

It was in the 50's while over there and a marine layer was coming in. Far cry from the 112 degrees back home.


BlackBerry Storm Hybrid

I update my BlackBerry Storm OS often. I go to http://www.blackberryos.com and watch the BlackBerry Storm 9530 forums from bbcrackman hybrid updates. I believe the latest is v7.1 update 2. Here is a screen shot of my about page.

Sunset on Little League Tournament

Sitting at my son's Little League tournament and snapped this with my BlackBerry Storm. At the rate this game is going it will be sunset on the whole tourny for Shasta Dam.


Brother Picture While Driving

My brother took this picture one morning on his way to my house.  He held the camera out the window and snapped while moving.  Pretty cool the way it turned out.

Sunday mornings

Give you one guess how I am spending my Sunday morning?

Yep, spending my Sunday with my second love and my obsession. Sitting outside Starbucks on Bonneview in Redding, CA sipping an iced coffee with sugar free carmel and breve. Reading my RSS feeds through Viigo on my BlackBerry Storm.

Now waiting for my brother who was on the road to see me from Corning. Now were talking Camaro, coffee, brother and a BlackBerry Storm. Have a good Sunday.

Fireworks in a legal county


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Happy Yummy 4th of July Everyone!


Starbucks To Start a Morning

Instead of your standard Starbucks picture this is from outside looking in. Well there windows are not to see through.
Happy 4th of July everyone be safe.

BlackBerry Storm Download

Using CaptureIT here is a screen shot of my downloads tab on my BlackBerry Storm. These are my must have downloads every time I update my BlackBerry Storm OS. Which is often thanks to BlackBerryOS.com and BBCrackman.


I get a chicken burrito with rice, no beans, peppers/onions, cheese and lettuce cut in half with a bag. I eat a half and the take the half home for later.

Highly recommend Chipotle.