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New Starbucks Gold Card

Received a new gold card from Starbucks today. This time it has my name and year I became a member. The old card gave me 10% off across the board. This new offers a free drink every 15. No discount off of purchases.
Still get 2 continuous hours of free wi-fi daily. I did use the offer the other day and worked great.
Says free refills on brewed coffee and tea. I wonder if ice coffee is considered brewed?
We will see how this plays out. I was saving forty cents to one dollar with the old card per purchase. Don't see how this new program will benefit me but time will tell.

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Are you a BlackBerry Storm addict?

Found this fun app for the BlackBerry Storm that let's you know how much you use your BlackBerry Storm. It is called 'I Love BlackBerry' by EarlySail ( Above is my data so far in December.

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