Droid X Saving Lives One App at a Time

Hands-Only CPR
As a person that has experienced a Heart Attack Or Not and was lucky to live through it.  I am excited to make this post about possibly the best apps for the Android phone.  The first one is the new recommended Hands-Only CPR for Android.  The American Heart Association says

When an adult has a sudden cardiac arrest, his or her survival depends greatly on immediately getting CPR from someone nearby. Unfortunately, less than 1/3 of those people who experience a cardiac arrest at home, work or in a public location get that help. Most bystanders are worried that they might do something wrong or make things worse. That’s why the AHA has simplified things.

Don’t be afraid. Your actions can only help.
It’s not normal to see an adult suddenly collapse, but if you do, call 911 and push hard and fast in the center of the chest. Don’t be afraid. Your actions can only help. Take a minute and look around this site and invite your friends! Increasing the number of people who know about Hands Only (TM) CPR will increase the chance that someone can help when an adult suddenly collapses, and more lives can be saved.

If your asking why Hands-Only CPR over traditional CPR with breathing It's recommended to visit the Hands-Only CPR Faq page.  There the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends conventional CPR (CPR with a combination of breaths and compressions) for:
  • All infants (up to age 1)
  • Children (up to age 8)
  • Adult victims who are found already unconscious and not breathing normally
  • Any victims of drowning, drug overdose or collapse due to breathing problems.
The above is just one of the facts you will find on there site.  The site is full of lifesaving facts that can be useful and one day could save a loved one. 

Other Lifesaving apps for the Android platform
Pocket First Aid and CPR
First Aid by Health Team

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To Kill or Not to Kill Task in Android

Automatic Task Killer
I've been asked whether Android users should use a task killer such as Advanced Task Killer or Advanced Task Killer Froyo.  I say Yes and I personally use Automatic Task Killer for my program.

How to properly set up and use a task killer (Oh, yes, I went there!) sums up what I was thinking in these seven bullet points.
  • Any application that has the manufacturer or carriers name in it should never be killed.
  • Any application that has the word android. (yes the period is there on purpose) should never be killed.
  • Any application that keeps time should never be killed.
  • Any application that has a widget that updates should never be killed.
  • Any application that is not installed on /data (this is where user apps go) should never be killed.
  • If you can't figure out exactly what an application is, it should never be killed.
  • Home replacements, whether from the Market or your manufacturer never should be killed. This also means Sense, Blur, and Touchwiz. They also have dependencies that should stay alive, refer to numbers 1, 5 and 6 above. Of course if you're a tinkerer, and know which parts of the system you don't need running on your particular installation, feel free to experiment.  And share your results. 
They show great tips on when to use a task killer.  I do not kill calendars, Handcent SMSNewrob RSS reader and my default browser Dolphin Browser HD.  I do not kill task that I use on a regular basis and want to have active when I turn the phone back on after it goes to the lock screen.  This is why  Newrob RSS reader and default browser are included in this list.  There are times I have an article like the one about the USA Today and might step away for a minute.  When I return my screen will be locked upon unlocking if you had your RSS Reader killed your post would be shutdown and you would have to reopen the program and find where you were before it shutdown.

Just be selective on what you kill and do not kill everything.  If you run into issues with a program double check if it is being killed by a task killer.  If it is uncheck the program and see if the program still has issues.

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Free Over 200,000 Ringtones for Android Devices

Stumbled upon this outstanding ringtone program.  Do not hesitate to checkout Ringlert to browse thousands of ringtones uploaded by android users. Variety of categories and options to find best ringer that suits your needs. Assign to contacts, set sms alerts and more.

As the screenshot to the left shows there are currently 214,881 ringtones available for immediate download.  They give you a few different ways to browse for ringtones as seen to the right image.  I found the search to be the best way to search for things you are looking for instead of going by categories and scrolling for days.  

It is fun to click on Download Charts to see what others are downloading as there ringtones.  I like how they allow you to choose Today, This week and This month.  The ratings based on what others think can help narrow your search a little.  I do recommend performing a preview of the ringtones first to make sure the quality is adequate.  Remember these are ringtones created by fellow Android users probably with Ringdroid.  You find what your interested in and click on that song then you can preview the ringtone before downloading.  If you like the quality then click on download and it will save to your SDcard under Ringlert folder as mp3 files.  

Once on your device you can treat it is any other mp3 file.  Means you can share it with others through MMS.  Even those that do not have an Android device like the great Motorola DROID X.

Heck with over 200,000 in there database you might not need to create your own.  Just remember if there is more than one list of your ringtone to preview each as these could mean a ringtone for different parts of the song.  I did a search for one of my favorite songs Hotel California by the Eagles and came up with 13 different versions for different parts of the song.

How to set voicemail password

I have been asked numerous times how do you set your voicemail password so that it will automatically enter when selecting speed dial 1?

This is actually easier then you think.  These instructions are for the Motorola DROID X Android Phone however, will work for most Android devices.

  1. Delete voice mail from speed dial # 1 by going to phone press menu, speed dial setup press the minus sign next to Voicemail
  2. Go to contacts and select voicemail, click menu button under settings select edit and add ",,password#" (minus the quotes) to the end of *86
  3. Go back to phone, speed dial and add voice mail back to the first spot
Now when you click and hold the 1 key it will dial your voicemail and enter your password and the # sign.

Easy to be nosy with Scanner Radio

Scanner Radio allows you to listen to live audio from over 2,300 police and fire scanners, railroad communications, and weather radio broadcasts from around the world with more being added daily.  I like the fact you can click on Scanners near me and it will bring up the scanners that are published online within your area.  One thing to remember is that not all scanners are posted for online listening this is done by volunteers.  For example in my area I do not have CHP which is disappointing but at lease I have Sheriff and Police that cover the cities just not the main highway next to us.
When you are in the app listening to a station you can click menu and view the 10-codes.  These codes are how the police speak to each other instead of saying domestic disturbance they say 10-16 at 123 Main Street.  Also in the menu is a sleep timer yes the developer had the foresight to add a sleep timer so that it can  stop the scanning after a set amount of time like 10 minutes, 1 hour etc...  They have a built in chat feature for that station but have not had the pleasure of anyone wanting to chat while listening.

Be warned the Top 50 scanners right now will keep your device talking for hours.  There is a reason there the top and that's because there is a lot of action in those areas.

Here are some common 10-codes that might be useful while listening to Scanner Radio.

Scanner Radio
for Android Devices
California APCO 10 Codes

  • 10-0 Caution
  • 10-1 Unable to copy -- change location
  • 10-2 Signal good
  • 10-3 Stop transmitting
  • 10-4 Acknowledgement (OK)
  • 10-5 Relay
  • 10-6 Busy -- stand by unless urgent
  • 10-7 Out of service
  • 10-8 In service
  • 10-9 Repeat
  • 10-10 Fight in progress
  • 10-11 Dog case
  • 10-12 Stand by (stop)
  • 10-13 Weather -- road report
  • 10-14 Prowler report
  • 10-15 Civil disturbance
  • 10-16 Domestic disturbance
  • 10-17 Meet complainant
  • 10-18 Quickly
  • 10-19 Return to ...
  • 10-20 Location
  • 10-21 Call ... by telephone
  • 10-22 Disregard
  • 10-23 Arrived at scene
  • 10-24 Assignment completed
  • 10-25 Report in person (meet) ...
  • 10-26 Detaining subject, expedite
  • 10-27 Drivers license information
  • 10-28 Vehicle registration information
  • 10-29 Check for wanted
  • 10-30 Unnecessary use of radio
  • 10-31 Crime in progress
  • 10-32 Man with gun
  • 10-33 Emergency
  • 10-34 Riot
  • 10-35 Major crime alert
  • 10-36 Correct time
  • 10-37 (Investigate) suspicious vehicle
  • 10-38 Stopping suspicious vehicle
  • 10-39 Urgent -- use light, siren
  • 10-40 Silent run -- no light, siren
  • 10-41 Beginning tour of duty
  • 10-42 Ending tour of duty
  • 10-43 Information
  • 10-44 Permission to leave ... for ...
  • 10-45 Animal carcass at ...
  • 10-46 Assist motorist
  • 10-47 Emergency road repairs at ...
  • 10-48 Traffic standard repair at ...
  • 10-49 Traffic light out at ...
  • 10-50 Accident (fatal, personal injury, property damage)
  • 10-51 Wrecker needed
  • 10-52 Ambulance needed
  • 10-53 Road blocked at ...
  • 10-54 Livestock on highway
  • 10-55 Suspected DUI
  • 10-56 Intoxicated pedestrian
  • 10-57 Hit and run (fatal, personal injury, property damage)
  • 10-58 Direct traffic
  • 10-59 Convoy or escort
  • 10-60 Squad in vicinity
  • 10-61 Isolate self for message
  • 10-62 Reply to message
  • 10-63 Prepare to make written copy
  • 10-64 Message for local delivery
  • 10-65 Net message assignment
  • 10-66 Message cancellation
  • 10-67 Clear for net message
  • 10-68 Dispatch information
  • 10-69 Message received
  • 10-70 Fire
  • 10-71 Advise nature of fire
  • 10-72 Report progress on fire
  • 10-73 Smoke report
  • 10-74 Negative
  • 10-75 In contact with ...
  • 10-76 En route ...
  • 10-77 ETA (estimated time of arrival)
  • 10-78 Need assistance
  • 10-79 Notify coroner
  • 10-80 Chase in progress
  • 10-81 Breathalyzer
  • 10-82 Reserve lodging
  • 10-83 Work school xing at ...
  • 10-84 If meeting ... advise ETA
  • 10-85 Delayed due to ...
  • 10-86 Officer/operator on duty
  • 10-87 Pick up/distribute checks
  • 10-88 Present telephone number of ...
  • 10-89 Bomb threat
  • 10-90 Bank alarm at ...
  • 10-91 Pick up prisoner/subject
  • 10-92 Improperly parked vehicle
  • 10-93 Blockade
  • 10-94 Drag racing
  • 10-95 Prisoner/subject in custody
  • 10-96 Mental subject
  • 10-97 Check (test) signal
  • 10-98 Prison/jail break
  • 10-99 Wanted/stolen indicated
 I'd like to thank David for turning me onto this great app for the Android phones.  Visit his blog here.

Recommended Scanner Devices for serious scanning abilities.

Quick Battery gives way to Quick Settings For Complete Control

Quick Batter Widget
Quick Battery gives you a nice graphical representation of your current Android smartphone battery power.  The image to the left is the various stages of the widget.  When you add Quick Battery Widget to your home screen you get one icon/widget on your screen and it changes based on your batter power.

You combine Quick Battery with Quick Settings and you get one powerful app.  Quick settings allows you to control things like

    Quick Settings Main Page
    • Brightness (including automatic brightness)
    • Volume (with separate control for every audio channel)
    • Mobile data & Mobile Data (APN) and a shortcut to "use 2G only" system setting
    • Ringer (silent, vibration, ringer and ringer & vibration)
    • WiFi & Wifi Hotspot
    • one click GPS
    • Bluetooth
    • Airplane mode
    • Screen Timeout
    • Automatic data synchronization
    • Automatic rotation

    It also gives you the status of your phones memory and the space on your SD card.  Once in Quick Settings you can click on menu and customize to add, subtract or move settings to your hearts content.

    Quick Settings Customize Option
      Very versatile program all wrapped up in one complete package.  After a week's use I am not seeing any memory or battery leak issues due to the app.

    I was a big fan of Battery Widget but must say Quick Settings along with Quick Battery does so much more at the click of a button.  Now if it allowed scheduling of settings changes I could get rid of Settings Profiles full which is a great app for turning off the sounds at night so that you can get some sleep.

    Oh did I mention Quick Settings has a built in Flashlight app?

    Google Dots bounce Up a Media Frenzy

    Google Interactive Dots
    Did you go to Google to see the cool interactive dots?

    No official explanation from Google yet.  I wonder if it is HTML 5 or perhaps because they went public on this day back in 1998 they are celebrating.

    I personally think Google doodles because they can.

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    HTC Incredible Receives Froyo 2.2 Today

    The highly anticipated Froyo 2.2 update finally happened on our HTC Incredible Android Phone.  Woke up this morning with the message to upgrade now or later.  Choose now and after two reboots and about 7 minutes Froyo 2.2 was installed.  Some of the feature of 2.2 are:

    • 3G Mobile Hot Spot
    • Flash 10.1
    • HTC Widget: Mail
    • HTC Widget: News
    • EAS Updates
    • 720p Video Recording
    • Amazon MP3
    • Skype
    • My Verizon
    Time will tell if it helps the battery.  The only gripe we have with the Incredible is the battery life.  We installed Automatic Task Killer and it does help a lot.