Free Over 200,000 Ringtones for Android Devices

Stumbled upon this outstanding ringtone program.  Do not hesitate to checkout Ringlert to browse thousands of ringtones uploaded by android users. Variety of categories and options to find best ringer that suits your needs. Assign to contacts, set sms alerts and more.

As the screenshot to the left shows there are currently 214,881 ringtones available for immediate download.  They give you a few different ways to browse for ringtones as seen to the right image.  I found the search to be the best way to search for things you are looking for instead of going by categories and scrolling for days.  

It is fun to click on Download Charts to see what others are downloading as there ringtones.  I like how they allow you to choose Today, This week and This month.  The ratings based on what others think can help narrow your search a little.  I do recommend performing a preview of the ringtones first to make sure the quality is adequate.  Remember these are ringtones created by fellow Android users probably with Ringdroid.  You find what your interested in and click on that song then you can preview the ringtone before downloading.  If you like the quality then click on download and it will save to your SDcard under Ringlert folder as mp3 files.  

Once on your device you can treat it is any other mp3 file.  Means you can share it with others through MMS.  Even those that do not have an Android device like the great Motorola DROID X.

Heck with over 200,000 in there database you might not need to create your own.  Just remember if there is more than one list of your ringtone to preview each as these could mean a ringtone for different parts of the song.  I did a search for one of my favorite songs Hotel California by the Eagles and came up with 13 different versions for different parts of the song.

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