PageFlakes, RSS freeds, and Podcasting

I have ran into some interesting things from the Internet I wanted to share with you guys.

First is a site called pageflakes
What is Pageflakes?
Pageflakes is your personalized start page on the Internet. Your address book, local weather information, to-do-list, news, blogs and much more – all on one page that you can access from anywhere.

I find it a nice alternative to your homepage. At first it was pretty cool but the more I enter my pageflake I find it not as cool as I hoped for. I have not had time to play with it a lot to see if it would allow me to add better content to my page.

Worth checking out and seeing what you think. I feel it has potential.

The other thing I wanted to share with you is called Podcastready. It is a site that you can download a little player/downloader for listening to podcast. You add sites either through the desktop player or on the website. Then using the desktop player you can download various podcast and listen to them at your leisure. I have a couple of news cast and a few technology based podcast. I enjoy listening to the opinions and reviews of others.

If you enjoy listening to talk radio or watch the news you will find this site up your alley.

Lastly I have been using the RSS feeds a lot lately. I use IE 7 for my browser and one of the new functions is the browsers ability to notice a site has an RSS feed. The RSS feed icon will light up allowing you to add it to your RSS favorites. Then you can visit your favorites and when the link is bold in color you will know to click on it and it will take you to the site so that you can read what they have added to there site for the day.

I hope you find these reviews interesting and you will check them out.