April 2006

Wow, has it been that long since updating my blog. Shame on me, I need to get better at posting. Let's see what is new since the last post. I am working quite a bit more these days. I am traveling more right now. I spent a week in Sacramento and a week in Oakland. Heading down to Southern California the second week in May.

I had an echogram done recently and it appears my ejection fraction is up to 40ish percent. I had a fraction of 10% last May and 20% in last November. This is good news and I am hoping to get off some medication in May.

My weight is doing good I am over 14o pounds down since being sick in May. I am now 214 and hanging in there. I have had good success with my Vertical Gastrectomy. I am very pleased and blessed I was able to get the surgery.

Tammy and I was able to run away the other weekend. We went to Eureka and stayed the weekend and walked on the beach and just spent some good quality husband and wife time together. We will have to do that at least twice a year just for our sanity.

Kids are doing good starting to see the end of school for the summer. There excited and not so excited. We really need to find a camp or something for them to attend to get away.

Later for now.