Quick Battery gives way to Quick Settings For Complete Control

Quick Batter Widget
Quick Battery gives you a nice graphical representation of your current Android smartphone battery power.  The image to the left is the various stages of the widget.  When you add Quick Battery Widget to your home screen you get one icon/widget on your screen and it changes based on your batter power.

You combine Quick Battery with Quick Settings and you get one powerful app.  Quick settings allows you to control things like

    Quick Settings Main Page
    • Brightness (including automatic brightness)
    • Volume (with separate control for every audio channel)
    • Mobile data & Mobile Data (APN) and a shortcut to "use 2G only" system setting
    • Ringer (silent, vibration, ringer and ringer & vibration)
    • WiFi & Wifi Hotspot
    • one click GPS
    • Bluetooth
    • Airplane mode
    • Screen Timeout
    • Automatic data synchronization
    • Automatic rotation

    It also gives you the status of your phones memory and the space on your SD card.  Once in Quick Settings you can click on menu and customize to add, subtract or move settings to your hearts content.

    Quick Settings Customize Option
      Very versatile program all wrapped up in one complete package.  After a week's use I am not seeing any memory or battery leak issues due to the app.

    I was a big fan of Battery Widget but must say Quick Settings along with Quick Battery does so much more at the click of a button.  Now if it allowed scheduling of settings changes I could get rid of Settings Profiles full which is a great app for turning off the sounds at night so that you can get some sleep.

    Oh did I mention Quick Settings has a built in Flashlight app?


    Unknown said...

    I must take a look at these apps. I have been using Juice Defender, and I am not completely satisfied with its performance.


    admiral70 said...


    I was not enjoying juice defender so I was on the hunt for new app(s). This one so far is all encompassing. If you change your settings often that is.

    Be sure to checkout Setting Profiles as well. I like to schedule different settings for different times. Especially night and early morning.