Learn a new language for FREE!

Hola, Como esta usted?  Which means 'Hello, How are you?' 

Came across a website called Mango Language it's a site you can learn a new language for free.  They offer a variety of languages such as Spanish, Russian, French, German, Japanese and many others.  I took a look at the Spanish for two lessons and it teaches through repetitiveness.  I found that you can highlight a word and it will repeat what it sounds like so you can practice a word as well as click on the speaker to hear the whole sentence again.  Here is a screen shot of a lesson from Mango.

Learn a new language for FREE 

If you interested in trying out a new language the price is right (zero dollars).  If you found this site useful please post a comment so other readers know what you think.



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admin said...

Good morning David

You weren't kidding that you type in a zip code and learn more than you ever wanted. That is a good find my friend.

Have a great day.