Hello I'm Johnny Cash

My 2 year old climbed up on the couch grabbed me by the cheeks looking me straight in the eyes with intense sincerity  said "Hello I'm Johnny Cash" then got down off the couch and started shaking her rump like she was Elvis.  I just about busted a gut from laughing so hard.  After I calmed down I wondered where in the world she heard that.

Then I remembered we watched 'Walk the line' with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon the other night.  Walk the Line is based Johnny Cashes life.  It starts with Johnny Cash (Joaquin Phoenix) standing in front of a table saw in Folsom Prison remember how he got to that point.  It went through his life as a child then an airmen in the Air Force a traveling door to door salesman and then getting a record deal with Sun Records in Memphis, TN.

I enjoy watching this movie with my daughter.  She loves to dance around and sing to the great soundtrack.  She always wants me to forward to the music parts.

I give this movie 4 stars and thought Joaquin did a great job.  I would recommend it to anyone that likes a good performance with a good sound track.




David Louis Harter said...

That is an excellent movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought the acting was superb.

- David

admin said...

I see Vivian, Johnny's first wife is coming out with a book called Walk the line, Life with Johnny. Should be an interesting one.