$54,000 worth of prizes from Problogger!

Wanted to let my readers know about a site about blogging called Problogger there having a huge birthday bash.  I find there birthday notice as quite the inginous marketing ploy. They call it "$54,000 worth of Prizes on Offer in the ProBlogger Birthday Bash Competitions!".  They are giving away over $54,000 worth of prizes they say are donated. 

Worth a stop by and who knows you might like there post and subscribe to there RSS feeds.

Have a good one.



Collin De Ruyck said...

Ya problogger, John Chow and Shoemoney are all hitting it big right now with contests and competion to drive up there traffic. Good luck trying to get a holg of one though through emails, I have tried and not an awnser back in weeks from any of them. To bad to cause I was looking for some help with my october 15th contest so I guess I have to look else where.

admin said...

I thought what the heck I would try one of the contest. Besides I read ProBlogger a lot and figured a link couldn't hut.

I will be sure to stop by your site and check it out. Thanks for visiting.