Jott and Pinger

I stumbled upon these to interesting sites/tools.  I use the tool more than I do the voice mail system. - Jott is a way to send messages to yourself, your friends or even a group of friends and you do it all using your voice. Simply dial the Jott number (877-568-8486), say the name of the person or group you want to send the jott to (for example, "John Philips" or "Soccer Team"), Jott will confirm that we got the name right by saying it back to you.  Say your message, your voice jott will be translated to text, and sent to the persons email or phone (whatever you choose). In order to Jott someone, you have to have put them in your contact list on -  Pinger is text messaging for your voice. With Pinger you can send voice messages instantly, from your mobile phone directly to anyone else's. It's fast and efficient like email, portable like text messaging and powered with your voice. Pinger's great for sending voice messages from your mobile to one friend or an entire group with just one call.

Give them a try and let us know what you think.  Is it something you would use?

Have a good Friday and a GREAT weekend.



David Louis Harter said...

Those programs sound interesting. I shall take a look at them.

Have a great weekend!

Evan said...

Pinger rules Jott any day of the week