Works been going good. Made a trip to Reno, NV to deliver a plotter and set it up. Spent 2 days working with the 5 people in that office.

As of last Tuesday I weighted in at 266. When I hit 259 I will have lost 100 pounds since my heart problems in May. That will be quite an acomplishment.

Working out, I still do 20 minutes on the treadmill. An then work out my chest and stomach. Then I get an aqua message that caps the workout rather nicely.

Thanksgiving is coming up and I am not looking forward to it at all. I hope it will all be about the friendship and the talking and not about my surgery. We will see how it goes, this will be the first year I will not eat 2 or more plates full. I will be lucky to get down a small plate.

Been spending time with my son on his Yugioh card obsestion. Well I like the fact that he is collecting something. We went down and bought him the Yugi Evolution Starter Deck. This deck had Dark Magician and he says that is the coolest. Now he need Dark Magician Girl that will make it complete. He really wants the Egyptian God cards but I found that these are rare and very expensive. Three of them can cost in excess of $150, yes for only three of them.

Baby is walking everywhere and into everything. She is growing up so fast it is crazy. Brittany is a teen looking for a boyfriend or at least checking them out.

Tammy is doing great I am so lucky to have her as my wife. She is working hard on losing weight. She is working out hard and eating right. Her Pampered Chef business is still going okay a little slow right now but she is doing great. I am so proud of her.

Oh yea almost forgot. Went and had an EchoGram done and my ejection fraction is approx 25-28% that is doubled what it was in May. Not out of the wood work yet but doing better.

Better go for now, take care and sleep tight.


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