What an afternoon it was. We went to the movies to see Harry Potter and the goblet of fire I give it 6 stars it was great.

While we were waiting I thought I saw Sandy the mother of my oldest daughter Kelsey. I told Tammy and she said that is funny I thought I saw Kelsey.

Well during the movie the baby was fussing and Tammy had to take her out of the movie and into the hall. There she saw Kelsey waiting in the hall for our movie to get out. Tammy and her talked for a while and she got to see her sister Adriana.

After the movie when I came out I saw Kelsey and we started to talk. I wanted to give her a hug but did not know if that was okay. So we talked for a while and then went outside were we met up with Sandy her mom and Bo her brother. We all talked for a little bit and I gave Kelsey a card with our phone numbers on it.

It was great to see here I have not seen her in probably 10 years. I thought about her often and wondered where she was and what she was doing and how school was. She is 16 now and driving, WOW, driving. She is beautiful and growing up to be a rather nice women.

I am a nervous wreck wondering if she will call or want to get to know me. I hope she will want to see us again and get to know her siblings.

Hope for the best for us.



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