Traveled to SAC

Been a few days and since I traveled thought I would write about it. I made a trip to Sacramento to attend a CAD Users luncheon with my supervisor Joe. The meeting was fine no big deal, the office down there keeps pretty quite.

I was able to see my Aunt while down there and she gave me a tour of all the remodel work she has been doing. The office look great, she has done an outstanding job.

We then went to a sub consultants office to discuss issues with there drawings. This was a acrhitect firm and of course they had a nice building. Got a tour of the place and talked about the different technology they used. They do a lot of VB writing which sure helps the users.

So that was the trip to SAC.

I will probably not write everyday as for the most part my life is boring. I go to work and go home that is it. I will update when there are good changes to write about.


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