5-days Post-Op

Good afternoon:

I woke up at 0300 this morning. Just was uncomfortable and could not sleep. Late morning I started feeling extremely fatigued and drained. I had to laydown for a couple of mintues to get my thoughts back.

I have done pretty well on my water today. We are at 1534 and I have just over a 1/2 liter down. I went with Tammy to the store and that wore me out, but we did get me some sugar free popsicles, man they hit the spot.

There real is no pain today, yet. Although I have noticed that I can sit my my chair easier and I can lay down easier. So on the remend and looking good so far.

I am kind of confused though. I weighed myself (per my cardiologist instructions) and yesterday I was 314 and today it says 306.6 really confusing. Of course this would explain why I am fatigued. I did start my Lasix yesterday and peed a lot, maybe that is what happened. Not sure.

Had to reorder all my meds today. I sure can not wait until the day I can get rid of the heart meds or at least limit them to just a couple a couple of times a day.

That is enough for now, take care.


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