Good general day.

Rode with Dad

Today I got out of the house and rode with my Dad. It was a nice ride to Weaverville to get a pool permit. We had a chance to just talk about stuff.

I weighed in at 296.8 pounds today. I ate part of one scrambled egg for breakfast. I had a couple of pieces of jerky chunks for lunch. Then had left over taco dip that Brittany made. I made a protein drink this afternoon and it was not to bad, it was chocolate.

Spoke to Sharon with CPMC today and we discussed all sorts of things. Overall sounds like I am doing pretty good on my food and water. I need to try and get more protein in for the day. I should be averaging 60-80 grams a day.

Today is a great day, Barry Bonds is back in the line up for the SF Giants. Just watched Bonds hit a double (hit the top of the fence in center) on his first at bat since being out with and injury last September. Go GIANTS!

Take care


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