Talk with Brandon Teacher

Good morning:

Had quite a talk with Brandon teacher today. Apparently 6-8 girls were fighting over Brandon yesterday. I guess Brandon has a few girls that like him a lot. Were talking about 3rd graders here. So the teacher wants us to have a talk with him about girls and how he should stay away from them.

So we have a stud muffin for a son and we need to tell him girls are bad. hummm....

Other than that the morning was uneventful and made it to work in one piece.

Had a good workout last night. I did cardio for 20 min and then did weights. I am working on my arms, chest, and stomach. Then had a nice aqua message afterwards. Last nights work out was a little tougher than the last few days not sure why. I made it through but really watching my heart rate. I am allowed to go 30 pts over my resting. My resting has been between 95-100. I take my heart rate up to about 115 but try not to go over that for to long of a period.

Have to go for now.


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