No release from the doctor...Bad day

Just bad...

Day started off wondering if my 2 inch incision was healing properly or not. During my shower today the other three stereo strips came off. The four lap holes are looking good. It is that darn belly button that had me worried.

The bad news, or is it? Spoke to my doctors office and they said the incision is healing just fine and this is all expected. Well they will not release me to go back to work next week. I was really looking forward to, she said that they have my best intrest in mind. I know they do, I just worry financially and I know I shouldn't everything will be fine. So if I am lucky I will return on the 10th of October after my 7th appointment.

I am doing good overall, I ate to much at dinner and was very, very uncomfortable for over 40 minutes. I guess I will slow down and chew, chew my food.

Take care


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