Why I Switched To Newsr RSS Reader

Newsr Main Screen
Thanks to the Android Central Forums and a post named The officially unofficial "Optimized For Honeycomb" Apps List.  I stumbled upon a new RSS reader called Newsr and started to investigate the new app.

I am a cautious buyer of apps.  I look at reviews and do a Google search to formulate an educated guess on whether to buy an app or not.  Newsr had no reviews or ratings but the developer Chris Stewart put his email in the description.  I went ahead and emailed Chris to see if there was a trial version (there is not at this time).  After a couple of email exchanges I decided to purchase the app.  Here is the market description of Newsr.
Newsr gives you a tablet-centric way to casually read your Google Reader RSS feeds. Newsr takes advantage of the screen real estate on your Xoom device and gives you an elegant way to read your news. Newsr stays in sync with your Google Reader account so you'll never read the same news twice!
Watch embedded (youtube) videos right from the app.
Mark All As Read (highly important)
Sync's nicely with Google Reader account (tested and confirmed it works)
Share Article with Facebook, Twitter etc...

Cons (feature request):
Ability to Star/Unstar an article
Need to be able to mark an article as Unread
Would like to one click share in Google Reader without a note
Does not sort by folders (not sure how that could be worked in)

I have been testing other RSS readers and although nice have been missing key features that Newsr have incorporated right from the beginning.  Chris Stewart has assured me that the development continues and he is looking for feedback and feature request to make the app even better.  

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