Don't Let your Android Battery be a Drain

To continue the theme of performance as specified in To Kill or Not to Kill Task in Android.  One area that people complain about a lot is the lack of battery performance from there Android devices.  I stumbled upon a great post Tips to maximize battery life on Android by John Edgar I specifically like how to calibrate a battery he says

“Calibrate the battery by completely draining it until the phone completely shuts itself off. Turn the phone on again and let it shut itself off one more time. Then charge your phonewhile it is off for over 8 hours. This will fully charge the battery so that when the phone is turned on, it now sees the battery as full. It is recommended to repeat this process at least one more time. You will see an increase in your battery’s charge life and longevity. Calibration of a battery can be done at any point and a maintenance calibration is recommended every month.”

Even though Lithium Ion batteries are not suppose to have "memory" like the old nickel cadmium batteries it is still good from time to time to calibrate or refresh your battery.

As seen in the image of my battery statistics I am not doing to bad.  The one area that takes up the most battery power is the display.  This is common for smartphones in general.  I was running 62-65% on my display settings.  I  took my brightness setting off of Automatic brightness and moved it to the lowest setting.  As seen in the display I have dropped to 48% and this is taken within an hour of changing it.  I also updated the app Settings Profiles Full change this to the lowest setting upon each change.

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