What makes the Motorola Xoom the perfect enterprise tool?

Motorola Xoom is the perfect device for connecting to a corporation's technology infrastructure such as a enterprise exchange sever, Microsoft Communicator r2 and a citrix connection on a device larger than 4 inches. The  Motorola Xoom with it's georgeous 10.1" screen sporting a dual core tegra 2 processor.  The tools that a corporate employee will need to be highly effective on the go are:

NitroDesk TouchDown which lets you connect to your corporate email from your android powered Motorola Xoom. This program takes the brunt of the corporate IT policy instead of putting the policy on your tablet which can cause lockups and lockouts.

Office Talk, Microsoft(R) Office Communicator(TM) Client (OCS) for Android. Allows you to stay connected with your coworkers and customers with the enterprise instant messaging system.  Not all IM clients will connect to an enterprise system for this reason office talk is perfect.

Citrix Receiver labs allows organizations to manage the proliferation of new devices entering the workplace by providing secure, high-performance delivery of virtual desktops and Windows, web and SaaS applications on any user device. You use this app to remote into desktops and servers to administer programs, license managers, users and folder shares.

These alone make the Motorola Xoom the perfect enterprise level tablet.  Do you use a tablet or smartphone for doing business work?  

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