Don't shoot me instead shootme screens

My good friend David over at  David Louis Harter blog turned me on to a screen capturing program called  ShootMe (screen grabber).

Prior to this great program you had to go through a long process involving the  Android developer kit (sdk)

 ShootMe once activated makes creating screenshots as simple as shaking your android phone.  Yes the picture shown her was created by ShootMe.

Give it a try and let us know what you think?

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Unknown said...

I am pleased you like this program. I use it a good deal and really like the speed and ease of use.

- David

admiral70 said...

I was rather pleased that when logged in it found my accounts from my desktop or my desktop talking to the trillian servers.

I enjoyed using eBuddy up to this point but will continue to use Trillian since I pay for the pro version on the desktop.

Unknown said...

I installed Firefox Mobile on my system at home. It is very nice. It should soon be available for the Android.

- David

I have a few mew apps that are well worthy of consideration. I shall send them to you via the Droid mailing list.