Adobe Flash For Android 2.2 Keeps Getting Better

If you are running Android Froyo 2.2 you might find the Flash upgrade useful.  You can find the download at  This came courtesy of our friends over at  has quickly become one of the top destinations for the latest Google Android news, rumors, and information.

Not sure what the change log is but it does render flash quicker from what I can tell.  Here are screenshots, thanks to ShootMe, of the Adobe Flash Player I had and the new and improved Adobe Flash Player I now have after upgrading.

Let me know if you take the plunge and what you think?


Unknown said...


This does indeed sound slick. Now that I have restored my Droid X to its original state and have added many, many new apps, I shall await the release of Android 2.2!

Your review of Flash certainly makes the concept of moving to 2.2 attractive, however.

- David

admiral70 said...

I do not blame you for holding off especially after taking your Droid X back to original and installing apps. It take a long time to do such things.

I hope they do release the 2.2 update soon. There is an automatic update feature in the Market that makes it nice if you want all updates for certain apps or perhaps all of them.

I shall continue to report new finds.

Unknown said...

I believe the formal update is not more than two weeks away. I can wait.

I do not wish to soon relive the recent experience of reinstalling, reconfiguring, etc.

- David