Mobile Defense Helps You Find Your Lost Android Phone

Downloaded Mobile Defense for the Android platform.  Specifically for my Motorola Droid X running Google's Android operating system.  Installed with easy from the Android Marketplace.  Once launched it asked me to register I gladly filled in the required information.  Mobile Defense sends a confirmation/activation email you have to click on the link in the email.  Mobile Defense sends you an SMS message with a code in it that activates your phone.  At which time you are required to restart your phone.  Upon restarting your phone the Mobile Defense icon disappears in the programs list.

Surf on over to Mobile Defense and log into your account.  This is where the magic is seen.  When you login your greeted with your recent activity. Things like session started, audible alert enabled and device locked are shown.  Click on the Map tab then on connect phone.  Mobile Defense sends your phone an SMS message again with a code to active there services.  

 Once connected the map zooms into your location and presents you with the dialog box to the left.  Here you can disconnect or lock your phone if you setup the pattern lock feature.  You can also scare the hell out of the person that is holding you device click on Alert.  You will now configure the settings of the alert.  have it play a sound (heck yes you do) and if
you want the alert to require a 4-digit pin to turn the the alert off (I recommend you do) select Require Pin.  Type in a message to appear in the dialog that pops up on the phones screen.
Mine would say something like:
Please call 530-410-6560 to report the phone being found.  This phone is being tracked and if not reported we assume you stole it.  Thank you

I guess that would get there attention wouldn’t?  Oh not to mention the sound it plays is deafening and sounds like a home alarm system going off.

Mobile Defense Tracking Details
Details (see tracking details image to the left) show the information about your device at that moment for example:

 The coordinates of your device, signal strength of the radio and the data connection which shows the SYSID of the router if Wi-Fi.  There is talk of the ability to remote wipe your device in future updates.
Mobile Defense is like having AAA.  It sits quietly in your pocket until you need it.  I have had Mobile Defense on my Motorola Droid X since getting the device and have not seen any battery issues or conflicts with other programs.  This program has become one of my top 5 must have programs for the Android phones.

Just think with Mobile Defense you will always know where your kids are of course that is for another post.


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admiral70 said...

Hello Arshad,

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I will check back for the Nexus One mobile device.