The Best and Worst of the Google Nexus One

I have had the Google Nexus One for about a month now.  When I first purchased it I had no intention of going with T-mobile plan for data and just using the wi-fi connection.  I anxiously awaited FedEx two bring my package from Google and of course they did not show up until the afternoon.  I was eager to sign for my package knowing it was from Google.  I immediately took it to my office to open it.  It came in a plain brown box that had a caution sticker on the top that said caution lithium ion batteries do not load or transport package if damaged.  The FedEx sticker said it came from HTC America Houston, Texas.  I carefully slit the top of the box open to reveal a Google Nexus One Unboxing sturdy white box that was 8 inches by 4 inches that said Nexus One.  On the back was a sticker that said Nexus One with the IMEI number and serial number.  As I took the top of the box off I was immediately greeted by a beautiful black and gray device which was the Nexus One all tight and snug in the container.  I carefully took the Nexus One out of the box and sat it to the side.  I lifted off the first layer of packaging that gave way too a very nice neoprene case with the Android logo on it.  A quick reference guide and other documentation.  Peeled back the second layer to reveal a micro-USB connector cable, wall charger, dual ear piece headphones, 8 GB micro-SD memory card and a battery.

I opened up the back cover and inserted the battery and 8 GB micro-SD memory card.  Took the Nexus One and the power adapter and plugged it into the wall.  I was so excited I had to walk away from the phone until the indicator light turned green.  It took about five or six hours and yes I watched every minute it seemed like.  During this time I read the online documentation from Google.  I felt as though I was comfortable and ready to turn that Nexus One on and be able to connect to wi-fi.  The minute the yellow indicator turned green I unplugged the power cord held the Nexus one in my left hand.  Looked the device over top to bottom side to side.  At the top left of the device is the power button and I pushed it down with excitement.  As the device turned on with the nexus one X logo I was then greeted with a multitude of colors.  The device booted up I was given prompts to set the device up and to login to my GMAI L account.  During these prompts there was one that stated I did not have a sim card inserted and if I wanted to use wi-fi.  I selected wi-fi and it found my wireless router.  I selected it and was asked four in the pass key once entered within a few seconds my network assigned an IP address.  I was then able to login and finish configuring my Nexus One.  While connected to wi-fi I could do pretty much all functions except for make phone calls.

My e-mail, contacts and calendar synch’d with my Google accounts with no problem.  Not only with no problems but very fast.  I then connected to the Google marketplace where I was greeted with hundreds if not thousands of free downloadable applications for my Nexus One.  I quickly found Facebook and Seesmic for my Nexus One.  I enjoyed the live wallpapers which made my background interactive.  They were cool but needed something more my speed.  After extensive search I found Earth Live Wallpaper by Earthrot that gave me the ability to bring the universe to my wallpaper.  Now I have Jupiter rotating on my wallpaper and yes very cool.

The next morning at 0530 I took my Nexus One and went to Starbucks.  The Nexus One found the AT&T wi-fi access point I selected it and the Nexus One said it was connected.  I quickly and with anticipation launched the browser and nothing happened.  I selected the home page and was greeted with AT&T web page and the ability to login.  Once logged in through the website I had complete wi-fi access.  I quickly saved the new connection to my Nexus One and read the local newspaper online.  Over the next couple of days I was completely satisfied with my purchase of the Nexus One using wi-fi however, whenever I left the house and wanted or needed to make a phone call or access data.  It became painfully obvious I needed a voice and data plan from T-mobile.  I called them told them I did not want a contract only a month to month but needed unlimited text and data.  Basically I now have the coolest prepaid cell phone on the market.

Even with the new T-mobile service something did not seem right.  I was not getting full strength from T-mobile service and was frustrated quickly.  I finally called T-mobile to find out what the problem was.  Apparently when I activated my Nexus One without a SIM card it registered services differently.  T-mobile told me at that point that I would need to reset the Nexus One to factory specifications.  Lucky for me I use all Google services and did not have a lot of applications.  As I was speaking to the representative I was writing down the applications I did have downloaded.  He made a couple of adjustments told me how to reset my device and once I did that my Nexus One registered properly with T-mobile and Google.  I've then preceded to go into town that evening in order to try my service.  I had service where I did not have service before.  The transition from T - mobile to wi-fi was beautiful.  I now go from the office with wi-fi to the car which turns to T-mobile and back to wi-fi and notice no difference.  Well of course I noticed that speed difference between wi-fi and cell phone service.

I quickly determine that I needed an application that would connect to my corporate exchange servers.  After searching numerous forms the same application came up time and time again.  That was touchdown by NitroDesk this app said that it could connect to corporate exchange servers even with IT policies.  I went to the marketplace found touchdown and downloaded it to my Nexus One.  It came with a disclosure that said it was a trial version and to be sure it can configure and connect to your corporate servers before buying the full version.  The trial version was a complete version with a time limit.  Knowing my exchange server settings I felt confident I could get touchdown to work.  I went through the setup to register my Nexus One to my corporate exchange account.  I used the outlook web account settings and then asked me to accept the IT policy and create a four digit password (password for touchdown only not the whole device).  Once I did that I've received e-mail, contacts, global address list, and calendar data instantaneously as it happens.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the setup was and how quickly I started to receive data.

As I enjoy my social sites I needed to find an application that would post to  Once again after searching the marketplace and forums I found AnyPost.  After downloading and launching AnyPost it asked me for my account login.  Oh how sweet it was to make my first post using my nexus one.

I'd than needed to find a good RSS reader and hoping it would connect to my Google reader account.  And yes after searching and playing with numerous applications I have settled upon NewsRob.  It asked for my Google reader account login information once entered it pulled all my RSS feeds and allowed me to start reading.  One of the best parts is the ability to see feeds in HTML.

I did download a couple of games such as blackjack, word search and of course backgammon.  Instead of using Google talk only I downloaded eBuddy to pull in all my IM accounts so that I would be available no matter where and when I wanted. 

I plan to post pictures taken from the Nexus One at a later time.  I will also take some videos and post them to my YouTube account.

The Nexus One is sleek, sexy and highly functional.  After owning quite a few cell phones, PDA, laptops, and smart phones I must say the future is bright.



I can’t believe I left out the worse parts of the Google Nexus One.  Thank you @AnthonyRusso for your comment.  Here we go.

I leave Wi-Fi on constantly due to having access to a Wi-Fi connection 10-15 hours a day.  As I stated above the best part is being able to walk out of the office or home and have the Nexus One switch with ease from Wi-Fi to cell data.  With my habits this means that I cannot get through a whole day without charging at least once before I put it on the dock station at night.  If I turn off Wi-fi and do not use bluetooth and use straight cell data plan from T-mobile then I can make it through from wake to bedtime without a charge.  I do not believe if you have a smartphone such as the Google Nexus One that you should be limited to cell data plan only.  There are times I believe battery manufacture are to blame for this.  They do not seem to be making progress as the rest of the electronic industry is.

Video is grainy and not as nice as taking and viewing pictures on the Nexus One.  I have not found a zoom feature while videoing which would be nice.

I still have not found a way to create sound profiles.  On my BlackBerry Storm I like to create custom sound profiles for specific times of day.  I have one specific for work hours that is basically vibrate only accept for specific contacts. 

Smudging or finger prints on the screen is a pain and requires cleaning.  I find I wipe the screen 2-4 times a day.  When I was using the lock pattern I found that the smudge gave away the pattern.  Not good.

The four touch buttons at the bottom are sometimes not as responsive as they should be.  Except that pesky search button it seems to get in the way all the time.

I am not finding a way to select text in an email to copy and paste into the other apps.

There is a cell reception issue but believe T-mobile is more to blame than the Nexus One.  I find a lot of dead zones in my everyday travels.


Still with the negative features I am enjoying the Google Nexus One and look forward to the Verizon version in the next couple of months, I hope!


David Louis Harter said...

That is an excellent review of the Nexus One. If it were not requisite that I stay with my iPhone through the contract period, I would most likely buy a Nexus One.

- David

Jeff said...

Thank you for stopping by David. I am keeping my left eye on the new HTC Incredible as well. I need to get back to Verizon full time and Google is dragging there feet releasing the Nexus One for Verizon plus the Incredible has some impressive specs.