Pandora or Slacker?

longtime Pandora user on the computer. Started to listen to Slacker on my BlackBerry Storm thanks to Viigo.

Pandora really finds songs that suit your fancy. We have a stationed called Air Supply. Every time we play this station I feel like I am back in Jr High at the dances (trying to cop a feel :). Rupert is another feel good station you must try. You can share stations which is fun. I asked a Navy friend for a rock station and she sent me a link to a station called Nickleback. Rock on!

Still getting use to Slacker. I really enjoy the Comedy (explicit) channel. Makes me LMAO! I have not found that gotcha channel like in Pandora. Still work on the ends and outs of Slacker.

Bottom line I say why chose? I say use both of them and enjoy listen to whatever and whenever you want.
The only downer to both is you have to have data coverage. Not satellite but the price is right, FREE!

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