BlackBerry Storm OS .230 Upgrade

Decided to upgrade to the latest BlackBerry Storm OS. It's a full version instead of a hybrid. Overall I like it but do find something interesting. I will update this post with more details later.

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Overall I like the .230 full version. I did wipe BlackBerry Storm first before installing .230 full. Here are my findings so far.

  • Google Sync works after searching the forums for the link to download.
  • Quick Launch works
  • Viigo works
  • Facebook is working for me
  • I like the threaded messages
  • 3G icon is cool.
  • In the past I showed 2 bars in my house now I show 4 bars.
  • Backgammon works
  • Slacker works
  • Pandora works (still testing had some lockups I think is profile related)
  • Evernote works
  • Google Map is working
  • Google Voice works
  • StormSlider is working
  • Ubertwitter works

  • Meterberry does not work for me even with all the tricks of the trade.

  • When I receive an SMS the icon is the BB Messenger icon.
  • When I click on Media it is a folder now and takes me to media related icons instead of the old way.
  • I have a Files icon I did not notice before.
  • I do not have city ID.
  • I do not see a huge difference in the browser.

  • Strange thing when I go to landscape mode the BB dims. I have set my screen to 100% with no auto dim and still landscape dims.
  • SMS messages never fully showed read. They stay BOLD even after opening and reading.
  • I get some random lockups that I think are 3rd party app related.

I think this is a good start and hope it helps.
Device: Storm OS: v5.0.0.23 (Platform
Theme: default- Favorite Apps: Google Sync, Viigo, Facebook, Quick Launch, Backgammon and many more!

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