New Design and Weight Loss

Sitting here listening to the Outfield 'Play Deep' and reworking  Wanted to give the blog a new look.  Wanted to be sure to cut down on all the ads.  If you recall I had a whole column dedicated to ads.  Decided to go with a 2-column design instead of 3.  Added a nice image at the top and found this serene image.

The main downfall to Fam5 is that I don't have a niche topic.  I blog about the things that catch my eye and that I would like to share with others.  Sometimes this makes for a website design nightmare. I hope you enjoy the new changes and look forward to seeing your comments.

The latest project I have been working on is copying my weight loss surgery information over to Jeff's Weight Loss Surgery Blog.  It was time to have a separate location designated to my weight loss progress.  2005 was a trying time for me and my family and I want to be sure this information is never lost or forgotten. Here is what you will be great with when you arrive.


This is highly important information that I want to be sure people have an opportunity to read about.  Weight Loss Surgery can save a persons life.  In my case it helped stop the need for a heart transplant.  I have seen where weight loss surgery has rid a person of diabetes within a couple of months.  A great place to start is the post called 'Heart Attach or Not?'.

Harry Connick, Jr's We Are in Love is playing now I think trying to tell me time for bed.  On that note I shall sign off and wish everyone a good day and please spread the word about these two blogs.

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