Why Vysr's RoamAbout Social App Is Worth A Peek!

vysr roamabout app for firefox and flock After my review of Flock Web Browser For Serious Users I received an email from Vysr asking if I would be so kind as to try there new app that would be out in a couple of days.  The techie in me said sure I would give it a try.  I received my invite/link today and installed the new app in my flock web browser (also works for Firefox).  The toolbar to the right showed up in the lower right corner of my browser's status bar.

The app is clean and inconspicuous you hardly notice it there.  This app works by select text in the web browser and clicking on one of the buttons.  Here are what the buttons look like and represent.

buttons for roamabout app by vysr

Lets test roamabout social plug-in/app.  I went to Vysr's contact page and highlighted the address and then clicked on the mapquest icon.  You get a popup/pop out next to the toolbar.  A map of the address I highlighted shows up, pretty cool!


I highlighted the zip code and clicked on the weather icon and magically I see Vysr is having a lovely day in Palo Alto, CA.

weather button from roamabout app for firefox and flock

As you can see this nice light weight app/plug-in is indispensable in it's capabilities.  I have not touched on the other buttons such as stock quote:  Highlight a company name and see there stock price and performance.  Wikipedia: Highlight any word to see what Wikipedia has to say about it.  There are many more worth looking into like You Tube, Flickr, news, share, and even play a game.

The only issue I am having is the Twitter button is not allowing me to login.  This is a must for me as I use Twitter a lot.  I have personally spoke to Vysr and they are looking into it as it is working for them.  Well it works for 2 out of 4 people.  At least Vysr took my call and I spoke to Erica the Product Manager and she was insightful and very knowledgeable about RoamAbout.  We talked about how the error messages (user error messages) could be a little more intuitive.

I suggested a few things that would make my experience a better one.

  1. Allow login to your You Tube and Flickr accounts.  That way I can see my favorites and pictures.
  2. I use Tumblr and Friendfeed a lot and suggested maybe adding a button for those.

If your a firefox or flock user I would recommend looking at this add-in to make your surfing experiences just that much better.  I would like to thank Bernadette for the invite and look forward to watching Roamabout application take off and go mainstream.

This review is not paid for and is solely my opinion.  However, if Vysr wants to send me some logo items I sure won't through them away.  Oh and I wear a XL t-shirt ;)

Hope everyone enjoyed this review and if you have any new application's for Windows XP/Vista, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Flock or Windows Mobile 6 you would like reviewed feel free to contact me via the Contact us page at the top.

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