Skydeck wants you to love your cell phone bill.

Received an invite to checkout Skydeck they want me to love my cell phone bill.  So I just had to stop by and see if they can make me love my bill.  Don't know about you but it is pretty hard to love a cell phone bill no matter what someone does with it. 

What does Skydeck do?

Skydeck helps you to manage your cell phone, your cell phone bill, and the contacts you communicate with using your cell phone. For example, we enable you to see all of your call records in one place, link them to your contacts, tag and annotate them, and search your calls the way you search your email. Additionally, Skydeck will use the information in your cell phone bills to intelligently organize and rank your address book and allow you to network with others on the site.

Once you signed up for beta they will send you an invitation to try there service.  I found the setup process rather easy.  You need to have a logon to your cell carrier website.  Skydeck currently supports AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile in the US only.

Once Skydeck logged onto my cell carrier it downloaded my cell bills for analyzing. Then it asked me to import my contacts to cross reference.  I used Gmail but they offer Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail and Plaxo.

It will put the contacts in a rank.  The rank is based on your call usage from the bill.  It even gives a nice little 5 bar scale.  You can add your own picture to each contact to make a little more visually appealing.  You can ask your friends/contacts to join Skydeck so that you can link to them as a connection.  This is the part I am not sure about yet.  I will need to find someone willing to link to me to see what it's capabilities are.

What do my Connections get to see? >>

Your Connections see the Skydeck Profile that you create - business, personal, or both - and they see what you see in the box titled "My Connections".

Remember, all your data is private by default. No matter how often you communicate with someone you have to connect to them on this page for them to show up in your Network. Like any network, if you want to keep a connection secret, don't connect to that person.

Click 'Edit my profile' on the left side of the screen to get started and then choose 'Add Connections' to find people that you know.

To see this page again, click "What is the Skydeck Network?" in the bottom left of the Network tab.

I am not so convinced this will benefit me since I am already on a ton of networks.  Might be worth a look to see if it fits into your online scheme.

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Mark - Productivity501 said...

I guess it might be useful if you were getting ready to switch to a plan that allows you to add a group of people who you can call for free. That way you could make sure you are putting the people you really call the most on the list.

Admiral70 said...

I did not find much use for this plug-in. It only took a couple of days to realize not for me, uninstalled.