What is a Piratepod?

This is an exciting interview for me.  Not just because it is my first interview although that is cool in itself.  I had the pleasure of getting in contact with an ole school friend for my first interview.  I hope you enjoy this and look forward to your comments.


Who is Tiffany the Lass and what is a PiratePod?


tiffany the lass of PiratePodsYour Name:
Tiffany "the LASS" Fulgoni

What is 'the LASS'?
the LASS in pirate lingo means THE WOMAN

Wife, Mom, part-time Administrative Assistant @ UCSD, and podcaster.

How do we know each other?  
From our kiddie days in Corning.

What is PiratePods?
Piratepods.com is a webzine dedicated to interviewing artists, musicians,
filmmakers, actors, and activists from all backgrounds and genres.

From PiratePods.com: for those of you tired of reading and hearing about the same ten people being asked the same five questions, your ship has arrived.  The piratepod goal is to have a conversation with creative minds in today's culture… wherever they're found.

What do you do for PiratePods?
I'm a podcast journalist for piratepods.com.  I also help set up interviews and keep the website updated.

piratepods.com logoWhat kind of people do you interview?
Creative people of all sorts.  We all have to work in life and I like to chat with people whose work intrigues or moves me in some way (good or bad).  As of now I have only spoken with people who would fall on the good side, but I wouldn't mind talking with people whose work annoys me.

What is your most memorable interview?
Ziggy Marley was pretty exciting (he was a lot shyer then I thought he would be).

What are you passionate about and why?
I'm passionate about having fun -- not 100% partying all the time, but just sitting around and finding the humor and fun in my surroundings.  I love to listen to my kids and their friends while they are playing
and talking about their day.  It's interesting what's important or stands out to them. black velvet

What is your favorite alcohol beverage?
Umm...Long Island Iced Tea, Champagne, Guinness and Champagne (I think it's called a Black Velvet)

JB: It is called Black Velvet: 5oz chilled champagne, 5oz chilled Guinness, pour Guinness into a champagne flute then add champagne carefully so that it does not mix with stout and enjoy.

What is your favorite non alcoholic drink?
Hot Green Tea, Iced Tea, or water.  Coca-Cola, too.

What is your favorite place on earth (visited or not)?
That's a hard one - Yosemite, Italy, Switzerland, San Francisco, Corning, my house or friends or family members homes.  I love to go on vacations and stay in people's homes -- not only saves money -- but really allows you to hang out and see how other people live.

Thank you Tiffany for allowing me to interview you and introduce Piratepods to my readers.

I spent some time listening to the various interviews on PiratePods.com.  I listened to podcast interviews of Antonella Preti 'Sharks of the Pacific Northwest'.  I especially enjoyed Tiffany's interview of Timmy Curran surfer, songwriter, and musician.  Timmy Curran offers his album 'Word of Mouth' for free to download.

Happy Friday to everyone and a big rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to all you piratepod listeners out there.

Thanks Tiffany...

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