Freaky Friday Link Love - 04Jan2008 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year

How To Write More, Worry Less, And Create Great Content - If you ever have writers block, I know I do often, then take a look at this post.  Here is just one of there ideas for writing.

Things not to do while writing

  • Don’t spell check
  • Don’t find proper words in dictionary or thesaurus
  • Don’t readjust sentence structure
  • Don’t look up facts on Wikipedia or search on Google amidst writing
  • Don’t look back at what you have written so far

Predictions for Google's 2008 - 16 unofficial predictions for Google's operating system.

4. Gmail will add another batch of new features, one of the most important being task management, and will finally go out of beta. Gmail will launch a Google Labs-like site with experimental features that could be added by those who are curious to see the next features before they are officially launched.

7. Google Maps will be redesigned and could include more space for user-generated content. We'll start to see user's locations, important events from our area, recommendations from friends. Google Maps will become more personal.

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions and Get Those DIY Projects Done! -

Avoid perfectionist thinking. I know a bunch of people unwilling to start a DIY project because they’re afraid they will make a mistake. So what if you make a mistake! MWT and I have made plenty over the years, and the fact is, we are generally the only ones that notice them...

A lot of people can use 10 Foolproof Tips for Better Sleep -  Here are just a couple of what you will find in this post.

4.  Don't look at the alarm clock at night. Looking at the clock promotes increased anxiety and obsession about time.

9.  Associate your bed and bedroom with sleep and sex only. Don't watch TV, eat, or read in bed. Although these things help some people sleep, they can also give your brain the idea that bed isn't just for sleeping - and this can keep you awake.

Scobleizer writes an interesting post called What I’ve learned in 2007 in it I found item #3 worth mentioning.  Sort of one of those don't judge a book by it's cover.

3. Pay attention to the “unimportant” people in your life. Last year this goofy guy walked into the CES BlogHaus. I introduced him to a few people and did an interview with him. He wasn’t famous. Didn’t have a blog. Hadn’t started a business or done anything that anyone would qualify as “important.” But between January and now he’s become a New York Times best selling author and he’s gotten me onto CNBC and the New York Times. All cause I paid attention to him back when he wasn’t “somebody.”

I think we could all use a lesson on How to Slow Down Now and smell the roses.  Christopher Richards writes about how humans need rests, relaxation, and recreation.

Slow eating
How many of us have heard our mothers tell us not to gobble our food? Children eat like animals until they are civilized. We eat and run. The slow food movement started in Italy as a backlash against fast food, but that is another subject. Current wisdom has it that eating slowly can help you lose weight. Taking your time to chew your food releases the nutrients. It’s easy to overeat, but slowing down can help.

Exercise slow
If you’ve ever tried to lift weights at the gym, you’ll know that doing it very slowly is far more demanding than doing it quickly...

  Let's end this weeks Freaky Friday Link Love with some good clean humor.

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