What Everybody Ought to Know About The Eagles New Album

EaglesThe Eagles have released there first album in over 20 years.  The album named Long Road Out of Eden is comprised of 20 all new songs.  The album is classic Eagles but lacks greatness.  I find the album tries to address to many political and environmental issues.  So far the song that has potential of being remembered is a great Eagles song is Long Road Out Of Eden.  To me this song is about getting our troops out of Iraqi but it still has a great beat and harmony.  I especially like the following verse:
"Having lunch at the Petroleum Club
Smokin' fine cigars and swappin' lies
Gimme 'nother slice o' that barbecued brisket!"

It starts off with some sort of wind pipes almost like an American Indian call.  Then get's into the upbeat classic Eagles you remember from the 70's.

As a die hard Eagles fan I am very pleased to have a new album with all new music.  The young die hard in me was hoping there would be one stand out like Hotel California, Long Run, Desperado, and so many others.  There just lacks that greatness in my mind. 

I would like to hear what others think of the album?

Eagles - Long Road Out of Eden

Disc 1( of 2)
1.   No More Walks In The Wood
2.   How Long
3.   Busy Being Fabulous
4.   What Do I Do With My Heart
5.   Guilty Of The Crime
6.   I Don't Want To Hear Any More
7.   Waiting In The Weeds
8.   No More Cloudy Days
9.   Fast Company
10.  Do Something
11.  You Are Not Alone

Disc 2( of 2)
1.   Long Road Out Of Eden
2.   I Dreamed There Was No War
3.   Somebody
4.   Frail Grasp On The Big Picture
5.   Last Good Time In Town
6.   I Love To Watch A Woman Dance
7.   Business As Usual
8.   Center Of The Universe
9.   It's Your World Now


David Louis Harter said...

The Eagles should have covered their own songs from the early years if they wished to release a new album. As political/environmental spokespeople, they are miserable, and their music fails in direct proportion to their lack of political/environmental acumen.

- David

admin said...

I can't agree more David. I wish they would have either stuck to the classics or put some more thought and effort into this album. It seems everyone has a message about politics and the environment and they forget about getting down to good music.

What did you think of the song on the video David?


David Louis Harter said...

I expected to see a cobra appear from a wicker basket. I was disappointed when this did not happen.

The slide show was passable. The song was horrid.

It is difficult to imagine these are the same people (more or less) who produced "Hotel California" and so many other wonderful songs.

- David

Craig said...

I too as a life long EAGLES fan, was disapointed with "Long Road" but after about 7 full listens there are some incredible harmonies on it, and different instruments being used. I really like "Waiting in the Weeds" its classic Henley...................