Marcus Daniel Cigar's are a Must Try?

Marcus Daniel Cigars

I had the pleasure of having a Marcus Daniel Entrepreneur 6x50 cigar during the holiday. 

Bidwell Cigar says it is the Cabernet of Cigars.
This cigar is made of 100% Sun Grown Spanish Honduran Leaf, which is perfectly balanced from start to finish. This Honduran Puro is Medium to Full Bodied with a complimentary balance of leather, cocoa and coffee. This blend took several years to perfect and is made of some of the most expensive aged tobaccos available. It has solid construction and will grow a long gorgeous milky ash. If you like to smoke cigars all the way down, remove the band and finish with a strong follow-through, then this is it! Marcus Daniel...when money is no object! (SM)

I found the cigar was definitely full bodied and does have a slight hint of coffee bean.  I did not find the cocoa taste that Bidwell Cigar talks about however, I will need to try another just to be sure.  The cigar had a great smell and a wonderful woody finish it was very complex and loaded with flavor well rolled (not to tight or loose) and I found the size just right. 

If you are not familiar with Marcus Daniel Cigars I recommend visiting there website.  Who knows maybe Bidwell Cigar will read this post and want to send me some cigars to do other review's ;)

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K Peterson said...

I found this cigar to be very unique, and with a classic finish. I am a big fan of honduran puro, and have had quite a few, however the leather/coffee bean combination really brought out the flow of the cigar. I recommend trying a Marcus Daniel to anybody who loves a tasty, high quality, and classic approach to cigars.

Admiral70 said...

Hi K Peterson,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am pleased to hear from a fellow Marcus Daniel cigar smoker. I hear there coming out with a new line.

Keep checking back and I will see if I can get an inside scoop.