Freaky Friday Link Love

A No-nonsense Guide To Clearer, Sharper, And Better Writing
Learning to express myself in a clearer more precise manner.

Correct Way to Send Out Group Emails
It still amazes me how many people don't know how and why to use the BCC feature of there email program.

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Classically Drinking at Bar Hemmingway-Ritz Hotel, Paris
Nice to hear a bartenders take on the ritzy Hemmingway bar located at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, France.

Why Red Wine is Good For You.
So is Red wine good for the heart?

Alcohol Free Wine Review
How about a fine wine without the alcohol?

How to manage all your mail in Gmail
Great resource if your thinking about Gmail. It's also great if your using Gmail to help you better manage your accounts.

Important Blogging Statistics
These statistics are astounding. The blogshere is growing leaps and bounds. If you are a blogger or have been thinking about starting one check these stats out.

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