General Update

Good morning all:

Today is Tuesday my typical weigh-in day to chart my WLS update. As of this morning I weight 174 pounds. I have been holding steady right between 174 and 180. Not to bad for a guy that was 359.5 pounds in May 2005.

It's been a while since posting. I have been experimenting with Microsoft's Live Spaces my link is . I am torn between off the technology. I want to use one location for things like blog, IM, calendars, etc... That is why I thought using Microsoft's new Windows Live would be a good all in one. Well it is fine but blogger offers the ability to have my post go to my domain name Big Dog Web Designs.

I will be writing a couple of reviews for products I recently have been using. So watch for that in upcoming post.

For now have a great day and see you online.


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