Labor Day Weekend

Good morning all:
Just had a nice relaxing three day Labor Day weekend.  It was nice, we did absolutely nothing.  The only bad part of the weekend is the fact that I grazed all weekend.  Due to this unusually bad habit I gained 5.5 pounds.  Yes that is correct 5.5 pounds.  This is so not me it makes me sick thinking about it.  I completely deserve it and brought it on myself.
I need to find better things to do with my time then eat or as I call it grazing.  The reason I call it grazing is because I don't actually eat much but a little bit a lot of times in the day.  I need to start focusing on 3 meals a day and maybe 2 smaller snacks in between.  Since I don't eat a lot at a meal a snack would be okay.  I don't eat sugar items and I try to watch my carbs.  The only bad thing is I eat nuts and cheeze its a lot.  The nuts are okay I suppose but the cheeze its are not so good.  This eating is all in my head and I know it and that is what frustrates me the most about it.  I am not hungry but just for some reason need to have something to eat all the time.  I am not sure why I feel that way but I need to get to the bottom of it soon.
Other than that the weekend was nice.  Brandon went camping all weekend and had a good time.  Brittany had to work all weekend and she did not much care for that.  Adriana hung out with Tammy and I all weekend.
Have a great week and see yea online.

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