Old Friends

Good morning all:

I have been rather busy these days. I support California and Nevada these days and that is keeping me very busy. I have made a few trips south to San Diego, Santa Ana, and Los Angeles. It is nice to get out and visit the offices and people I support.

I have been in contact with an old friend recently, his name is d()()d. He owns California Technologies He has turned me on to his blog site dlhweblog and is a kick to comment on. I dug up an old photo of the two of us after a win in a sound off competition.

I believe this was 1988 a summer of hot weather, good friendship and a whole lot of beverages. D()()d was also later in the years my mentor for computer work. We spent may hours at my Dad's car lot playing scrabble and drinking frosty beers. We would load up in our 4x4 rides and venture out to Black Butte with music blarring, CB's chattering drinking Bull Frogs and loving the ladies. Ah, what great old times they were.

Great to reminisce about the old times and see pictures. Everyone should break out the old photo albums and remember the good ole' times. Well for now I must sign off and get to work.

Peace everyone.


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